The NEW Eo3 Fit is Here!

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2014 is going to be a REALLY big year for End of Three Fitness! I plan on improving, updating and finding new ways to help more people here at Eo3. A majority of what happens around End of Three Fitness is reader-driven. Meaning enough people asked, voiced or mentioned something to me and so I […]

How to Become the Swiss Army Knife of Fitness


Can we all agree on one simple fact? The fact that Swiss Army Knives are freaking awesome! I mean they can do anything and everything. Need to cut yourself free from a net, there’s a blade for that. Need to tighten up the bolts on your car, there’s a tool for that. Need to pick […]

Two Years of Revolting

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Two years of revolting and we are still going strong! Believe it or not, End of Three Fitness turns two years old this month. To me, it feels like I have been running this site for much longer than that, but at the same time I can’t believe it has been two full years. I […]

Message board is here: Welcome to ‘The Rally Point’


I asked. YOU responded! A large portion of my e-mail subscribers responded with… “YES! I would be a part of an Eo3 Message Board of Awesome!” First, thank you. Second, it is here, the Rally Point (name of the new message board) is here. Don’t hesitate! Go sign-up for your free account now! In the spirit […]

Would you join a End of Three Fitness Message Board?


What up Enders! It has been a crazy week! I completely migrated End of Three Fitness from one hosting service to another over the last couple days (which is why I didn’t post Thursday). All that really means for you is the site should be faster and down a lot less. Which is good! This […]