It’s All About the Barbell

Eo3 Announce Logo

Today is a big day! New logo, new programs, new opportunities… Are you ready? Let’s start with the logo. Two things End of Three Fitness has been about since 2011… 1.) Becoming Better Humans 2.) The Barbell And today, we meld the barbell and EO3. I’m excited to announce, and introduce to you, the newly […]

The NEW Eo3 Fit is Here!

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2014 is going to be a REALLY big year for End of Three Fitness! I plan on improving, updating and finding new ways to help more people here at Eo3. A majority of what happens around End of Three Fitness is reader-driven. Meaning enough people asked, voiced or mentioned something to me and so I […]

How to Become the Swiss Army Knife of Fitness


Can we all agree on one simple fact? The fact that Swiss Army Knives are freaking awesome! I mean they can do anything and everything. Need to cut yourself free from a net, there’s a blade for that. Need to tighten up the bolts on your car, there’s a tool for that. Need to pick […]

Two Years of Revolting

Rally Point_home_Icon

Two years of revolting and we are still going strong! Believe it or not, End of Three Fitness turns two years old this month. To me, it feels like I have been running this site for much longer than that, but at the same time I can’t believe it has been two full years. I […]

Message board is here: Welcome to ‘The Rally Point’


I asked. YOU responded! A large portion of my e-mail subscribers responded with… “YES! I would be a part of an Eo3 Message Board of Awesome!” First, thank you. Second, it is here, the Rally Point (name of the new message board) is here. Don’t hesitate! Go sign-up for your free account now! In the spirit […]