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We Build Better Coaches that Build Better Humans.
Intelligent Program Design - Mindset Training - Digital Business Skills.

People Deserve Better Coaches and Coaches Deserve Better Careers. 

But There's a Problem

  • Coaches aren't given any business training
  • You can't impact more people if you can't scale
  • Most certifications give ultra-baseline info
  • Coaches are grossly underpaid
  • What you've tried so far isn't working
  • Nobody has given you a plan

End of Three Fitness educates coaches and athletes to make them dangerously effective at programming, mindset, and business.


Created by Coaches

Who Care About Coaches

Coaches Don't Earn Enough. Coaches Lack Extensive Programming Skills. Coaches Only Dabble in Mindset. It's not your fault. Coaches are never taught how to bridge the gap between mindset, programming, and business. Once you bridge this gap, you'll be a true change-maker and scale your impact.

Earn MORE! 

We don't do gimmicks or tricks. We teach no-nonsense business skills so you can build a business from side-hustle to full-time income. 

Create Lasting Relationships

We teach you how to focus on the mindset of the athlete more than anything else, so you keep athletes around for a LONG time and they see the results they want! 

Catapult Athletes' Results

We give you proven frameworks and systems for creating effective programs and shave hours off your weekly workload. 

Scale Your Impact

Coaches are no longer bound to their local community and gyms. Coaches have a gift and we help coaches scale that gift worldwide. 

Professional Praise for

End of Three Fitness

We've helped every "type" of coach you can think of from side-hustler to professionals.

The principles don't change. Mindset -> Programming -> Digital Business.


Barbell Physio 

Amateur to Pro in Business 

I was very much an amateur in the online business game. Jerred dove deep into the numbers and psychology of running a business with me. He lead me through the development of reproducible and trackable systems that allowed me to continually grow my business beyond a level I ever thought possible.

WILLIAM ursprung, ph.d.


Proven Methodology

The programming is designed based on tested and proven methodology and because of the focus on the human element, you'll help athletes adhere to effective and efficient training. With the EO3 method, you'll get results!

Dr. Wes HenDricks


$500 to Six Figures

I'm already at a six figure online business because of your course work! Side note when I signed up for that course I barely had $500 left in my savings account...

Once you know The Method, you can't skip steps...

We walk you through a process. The only thing that can stop you is your desire for comfort.


Step 1: The 5-Day Challenge

People deserve better coaches, and coaches deserve better careers. People don't need some gym rat who took a weekend class telling them what's best for their health and performance. People need smarter coaches. Likewise, coaches don't deserve crap careers filled with little pay, no benefits, and full burnout. What if we could PROVE to you that the new coaching career is impactful AND lucrative? And it's not only possible, but it's completely ACHIEVABLE in just ONE year, or less? 

Our Free, 5 Day Challenge will help you develop the plan for replacing a full-time income with remote coaching in ONE year or less in 5 short days.

Join The 5-Day Better Coach Challenge HERE 


Step 2: The Going (Side Hustler)

In the side-hustler phase, you are TESTING your ideas, your niche, and your business capacity. We teach you how to start a simple side hustle to get to $1,000/mo as quickly as possible. On the front end, you are making an impact and generating income. On the backend, you are BUILDING, and that's our secret. In the side-hustler phase, we teach you how to build systems and frameworks for something MORE significant than a side hustle.


Step 3: The Gap (Coach ACCELERATION)

We'll repeat it People deserve better coaches, and coaches deserve better careers.

Don't think that just because you are a "coach" you deserve to be paid well. Nothing could be further than the truth. In this phase, we make you a BETTER COACH so that you can charge what you are WORTH. We teach you mindset and programming principles that get clients to stick to programs and guarantee their results. Becoming a better coach is THE BRIDGE between being a forever side-hustler and changing your family's financial future forever.


Step 4: The Goal (Mastery)

The building is only as tall as the foundation is strong enough to build on.

Our pursuit in this phase is MASTERY. If you put in the work, you will have a full-time income replaced with remote coaching in ONE year or less. The focus then becomes what happens after you achieve your goal? We teach you everything you need to SUCCEED in business today, tomorrow, in the future, and against any storm. To scale a business and change your life, content is not enough; you need an immersive environment.

About The Founder, Jerred Moon

Jerred is the Founder & CEO of End of Three Fitness and Creator of Garage Gym Athlete. He's the former Physical Training Leader and Unit Fitness Program Manager in Air Force Special Operations Command and Best Selling Author of two books (Killing Comfort & The Garage Gym Athlete). Jerred completed his undergraduate degree at Texas Tech University; with two years of study in Food & Nutrition Science. He's a Certified Strength & Conditioning Coach and also obtained a Certificate of Achievement with Harvard Medical School in the Fundamentals of Physiology. 

He's married, has three kids, and owns one fat chihuahua ;) 

Here's what people are saying...

You thought all you needed was a simple certification to be a successful coach, but you'll quickly realize what's missing. Without a focus on mindset, athletes don't stick to programs. If you somehow overcome this obstacle and your programming sucks, results stall. And if you don't learn business, you can't scale your impact or income.

Douglas Alexander

Part-time Coach

Above All Else 

"I've been through a lot of certifications and what I've done with EO3 is my most cherished fitness accomplishment."

Angie Brock

Part-time Coach

Side-Hustle Success

"My side hustle is up to 45 clients in 2.5 months!  I use EO3 methods and love the results."

Josh Pierlott


Nothing Like it

"I love the information so much I convinced my coworker Laura to buy the program too and she's loving it so far. We're both coaches and what you guys provides is lightyears ahead of the rest of the fitness industry!"

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5-Day BETTER Coach Challenge

Our Free, 5 Day Challenge will help you develop THE PLAN for replacing a full-time income with remote coaching in ONE year or less

in 5 short days. 

The 5-Day Challenge

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