7 Ways to Train Alone (and Actually Push Yourself)

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To train alone is to develop a skill, or an art, and it is not simple. Anybody can walk around the block or go through the motions of a workout alone… I’m sure you’ve heard the popular quote, “80% of success is showing up”… But JUST showing up is not enough. It builds a habit, but […]

I lifted 1,000,000 lb…Here’s what happened

million pound

So, I lifted a million pounds. It was a lot of weight and, to be honest; it was hard to find a barbell large enough to fit all 1,000,000 lb on it. Kidding! I lifted a million pounds of volume and I want to tell you what happened. Now, you can probably guess I got […]

Three Essential Elements to Sloth-Like Sleep


Do you want better sleep? Me too. Let me tell you there is a TON of information on sleep out there. You will find suggestions ranging from taking 200mcg (micrograms) of huperzine-A 30 minutes before bed to investing hundreds of dollars in a “personal sleep manger” machine. But is that stuff REALLY helpful to you? […]

End of Three Fitness and Barbells for Boobs


Hey guys! If you haven’t noticed, your favorite NFL coaches, players and referees are wearing a whole lot of pink, and if you aren’t into sports you are probably seeing more pink ribbons than you normally do, and for good reason. October is breast cancer awareness month!  And for that reason, End of Three Fitness […]

The Biggest Eo3 Announcement Ever: Betterhumanology


The next step in End of Three Fitness is here (almost)! You could call it the evolution of the revolution, or we can just call it Betterhumanology! A lot has happened around here at End of Three Fitness; There was the free barbell not too long ago (more free barbell opportunities for you coming soon), you […]