“The Juggle”, or How to Dominate Fitness with a Crazy Life

How do you juggle it all?  How can one work 60+ hours a week and still maintain a high-level of fitness and health? How can you fit fitness in your life when you have a family? How can you fit it all in without something falling off, or suffering? When others hear I workout very […]

Play this game. Change your life.

Have you ever turned fitness into a game? Nowadays, there are plenty of apps and websites out there which try to do this very thing. There is the app that you actually give money to, and if you miss a workout it takes your money and gives it to someone else…Yea, that’s real. There are […]

How I ran a marathon without training…and why

Yep, I ran a marathon. And, yes, I ran an marathon without training for it a single day. In fact, looking back at my training journal, the most I ran all at once in the last couple months (maybe year or more) was the occasional mile sprint. However, that didn’t stop me from running 42,194.988 […]

49 Ways to Become a Better Human

How can you be a better version of yourself?  Could you workout more? Eat more vegetables? Work harder? There are 1,000 different ways each of us could get better. There is no ‘better human’, meaning if you do XYZ and will be the better human. No, there is only you, and only you know how […]

Do Anything by Adopting the ‘Why’ AND ‘Why not’ Mentality

You’ve heard it before, right? The ‘why’ vs. ‘why not’ mentality. I’ll briefly explain; there are the people who are too busy asking ‘why?’, they never do anything, and then there are the people who don’t give a crap and just go for it…and say ‘why not?’. Everyone wants to be the ‘why not?’ guy, […]

A Finger and Thumb Exercise That Could Change Your Life

Right off the bat, you’re wondering…“How could an exercise with just my finger and thumb do me any good at all?” I am not here to reveal a huge fitness secret…I revealed the BIGGEST fitness secret a long time ago when I published ”The Key to…The 400lb. Bench Press, Sub 6 min. mi., Losing 30 lbs, […]

Hacking Your Way to Productivity: Better Human Lesson #47

Are you as productive as you want to be? Do you normally start the week with a long list of things you want to accomplish…only to push them off to the next week? Are you constantly ‘too busy’ to do the things that you want, like hang out with your friends or family, workout or […]

Please Stand Up, Sitting is Killing You.

Sitting is bad for you. Wait, too dramatic? How about…Sitting is killing you. Yep, this isn’t “new” news that can be discredited as the latest fad or health craze either. Nope, sitting is bad for you. It is well documented and serious. It seems like anything we do that is NOT like our paleolithic ancestors […]

How To Not Go Crazy, When Things Get Crazy

Could you agree that life gets a little crazy sometimes? How about fitness? That can get pretty crazy too…So how do we avoid going crazy, when things get crazy? Fitness: Your heart is pounding, you’re out of breath and everything says quit…things are crazy. Life: Your stress level are high, you’re completely overwhelmed and everything says […]