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~Whether your only gym or your backup gym…you need a gym in your garage.
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Welcome to the DIY Corner, where we are working on fully equipping your garage gym where you can join the revolution of fitness nonconformity (a.k.a doing fitness different than most).

These days a garage gym is a very viable option with those who have any amount of free time and truly care about their fitness. Whether you are transferring from an actual gym membership to a garage gym, or if you just decided you want to start working out, this is a great place for you to start.

Making your garage your gym is awesome! If you are puzzled on how to start look at the catalog of items that have been built below. I plan on building plenty more and will update you the second I do. You don’t have to build any, or you could build all of this equipment. Just know the equipment you see below is not for show. I have built, and I use, this equipment on a daily basis. However, I cannot be responsible for your craftsmanship.

Put simply. If you build it, it breaks, you get hurt. I am not responsible.

I am the Garage Gym experiment

500 DIY Corner

Do work!

As I said, I have built all, and used all, of this equipment for sometime. I am the experiment for you. If you have any questions or if something is unclear PLEASE ask. I am always dying for feedback. Whether you are a crossfitter looking to do it all himself/herself, or just a someone who needs an idea to get started on a garage gym – this is a great place to start. I hope you enjoy these project as much as I did, and do!

Want to share a Garage Gym DIY?

Do you have a Garage Gym DIY or project you have been working on that you would like to share with the world? Maybe you have done one of these projects but in a new, better or different way. It doesn’t matter! End of Three Fitness would love to provide a place to host your Garage Gym DIYs. Submit a Garage Gym DIY.

How is this stuff holding up?

Garage Gym DIY Updates: March 16, 2012

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Garage Gym Items:

Automate DIY Corner OMOB DIY 1 DIY Corner


DIY vs Buy DIY Corner eBook DIY DIY Corner Sled DIY Corner Parallettes small new DIY Corner Small Bag Edit new DIY Corner Weight Rack Small new DIY Corner Small Tape Edit new DIY Corner BHT DIY Corner Plyo box Small edit new DIY Corner Wall Ball Small DIY Corner Tire Small DIY Corner Squat Bench Stand Small DIY Corner Rogue DIY Corner prowler DIY Corner

KB Icon DIY Corner Pull Up Bar DIY Corner

Mini Deadlift jack DIY DIY Corner

Jerk Box Icon DIY Corner Plyo Box 2 DIY Corner