Finding Your Unique Fitness Approach

Are you just doing what everyone else does? If you are just doing what everyone else does, and everyone else hates fitness, why do it? Why not be uniquely fit?

We all know, at Eo3, fitness is a lifestyle, a journey a pursuit. If you can ingrain fitness into ever fiber of your being, working out would be about as optional as eating.

But you’re busy…

Welcome to the club, take two of these and call me in the morning:

I believe fitness should be a part of your life and never compromised…BUT…I also think you need to live life to the fullest, take breaks, have fun and enjoy the moment. Maybe knock a few things off your bucket list.

So how do we find that balance? How do we make fitness our own? How do we make it something we want to do? How can we be unique?

Easy, find your unique fitness approach.

We all have the desire to be unique in some way, shape or form. That is why everyone has their claim to fame, however obscure it may be, or the way they “do things” that makes them different, or unique. One of the slogans we throw around at End of Three Fitness is “Fitness Nonconformity” because we do things a little bit differently than most. But I am not different just for the sake of being different…

There is a difference in being an intelligent nonconformist and a rebel without a cause, and it is a fine line, but I digress…

Back to being unique. Chances are you have your uniqueness, there is just something about you that makes you, you. To steal a quote from You, me and Dupree, it is your “ness”, for example, for me, it would be my Jerred-ness. You have this in a lot of aspects in your life, but I bet you are missing your “ness” in fitness.

As stated at the beginning…If you are just doing what everyone else does, and everyone else hates fitness, why do it? Why not be uniquely fit?

Running in the Opposite Direction of The Masses

Someone I have been very impressed with, in this regard, is Charlotte Andersen who runs the website The Great Fitness Experiment, and she wrote a book about her experience. Basically, she tried a new style of fitness every month for a year. Pretty unconventional, and awesome, if you ask me.   

How’s that for finding a unique fitness approach?

I think you may see what I am getting at here. Try something new, something that challenges the norm, something that will keep you interested and engaged. Something that is unique.

You don’t have to do what Charlotte did, but here are some other “fitness experiments” to give take a look at to help you find your unique fitness approach.

My Current Fitness Experiments

  • Overstraining – Does overtraining exist? I’m going to find out!! A lot of CrossFitters, especially the competitive ones, are starting to claim overtraining doesn’t exist. This is good and bad because some people can handle absurd volume and others can’t…Anyway, it is now branching outside CrossFit even to bodybuilders (who use the term overtraining more than anyone). I highly suggest you watch this video for an intelligent discussion on the topic.
  • Rest Schedules – Another experiment I am running concurrently with overtraining. Blair Morrison opened my eyes to this. For a long time, he trained only three days a week, 3 times a day AND he would take every fourth week completely OFF, and he was (is) one of the fittest dudes on the planet. I am trying a similar approach in my current routine.

I don’t want to get into all the details of what I am doing, but basically I am trying to strategically “overtrain” myself, and strategically rest after an intense overtrianing cycle. That’s my current unique fitness approach, but I am a numbers nerd when it comes to fitness.  So maybe you should start with some of these ideas…

Some Ideas for you:

A few caveats: 

  • Don’t be the rebel without a cause (as stated earlier)
  • Don’t use this approach as an excuse to never stick with a program
  • Don’t worry about a unique fitness approach if you already love what you do!!

The bottom line. Fitness is a journey.

You have to experiment. When I created One Man One Barbell, and I was working through the program as the first test subject, I knew I had all the book knowledge right, but I had no idea if it would correlate to real results. But slowly it worked for me, my friends, some Eo3Fit athletes and now 100’s of dedicated people out there with all different types of fitness backgrounds (or lack thereof).

The results have been awesome. If that experiment had gone any differently, you would have never heard of One Man One Barbell. Long story short, experiments are worth it!!

Fitness is associated with being “not fun”, yet mandatory if you want to be healthy. This “not fun” association leads to the belief that even if you find something you enjoy in fitness, there will be things you hate.

Neither has to be true. Be unique, find something you love and enjoy your fitness. 

Ultimately, become a better human by any means necessary.

Now go find your unique fitness approach.  


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