How to Build a Wall Ball

Wall ball

What You Need to Know

Cost: $12
Time: 20 min.
Difficulty: EASY

Equipment like this makes it really hard for me to believe that people do not have the time or money to workout at their own home. This was a very simple, very cheap, and fun crossfit equipment build. Enjoy!

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The Wall Ball

Material Needed

    • Rubber Indoor/Outdoor Basketball


  • Tire Patch Kit



  • 40lb of salt pellets




CrossFit Equipment








Step 1: Make Incision

I started with an X cut and then ended up making a square like shape where I could fit the bottle in the top. CrossFit EquipmentCrossFit Equipment







Step 2: Fill the ball with salt pellets

I know I am going to get this question. WHY SALT PELLETS? WHY NOT SAND?? Glad you asked. Why use salt pellets instead of sand:

    • Salt pellets will NOT leak if you damage your ball after repeated use, sand will.


  • Salt pellets will fully fill your basketball for better balance, sand will not



  • Salt pellets are just a little bit cheaper than sand



  • Salt pellets are easy to work with and clean up



  • Need anymore reasons…



When you make your own crossfit equipment you have to get a little creative. I used the bottle for filling 98% full. Then you have to kind of shake it around and do a few drops to get that last pound of sand in there. Still easy though. I got a little over zealous.
I left mine at around this weight because my scale kept fluctuating and I figured I’d rather be a little over than a little under, 20.0 would be optimal.


CrossFit Equipment


CrossFit Equipment








Step 3: A wall ball is no good with holes, Patch time

Use the tire puncture kit, the largest size, and follow the directions to patch up your ball.
CrossFit EquipmentCrossFit Equipment



CrossFit Equipment

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  • Dom

    Great post!
    How has it held up over time?

    • Jerred

      Thank you! It has held up pretty well. No tears or leaks anywhere. Not something I use everyday though.

  • Sally

    I have another reason to use salt pellets instead of sand! I used to work out with a wall ball filled with sand and it would leak out just a bit at a time, but it was enough to get sand in my eyes with every single rep. This looks way better.

    • Jerred

      Yea, I too, have gotten the leaky med ball in the eye. Thanks!

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  • Bardeerk

    Do you think a ball made this way would be able to hold up to doing ball slams?

    • Jerred

      Maybe with enough duct tape…But probably not forever. 

  • Anthony Viveralli

    think your website is awesome man!!! streaming the games on espn3 currently…just starting with crossfit…I work at a gym and gnc part-time..fulltime finance student and father of three so the garage gym is appealing in so many ways…the gym i work at is the typical one and just doesn’t coincide with cross-fit training at all…starting out small with the medicine ball..did you have issues with the original patch kit that is shown in the 14 day guide with the strips instead of the circles? strips don’t seem to be working out for me…also the zombie apocalypse thing is phenomenal…my wife and I are believers! (not psychotically though)

    • Jerred

      Glad you like the site and I had a lot of fun writing the Zombie post! Haha sounds like a garage gym is perfect for you! The circles work out great and I have not had any problems. The strips just came in the package I think. I don’t remember actually using them.

  • Tom LaCoppola

    I made a 14lb and a 20lb wallball this weekend with my son. I had to do a couple of slams with the ball to get the final amount of salt pellets in the 20lb. The 14lb still had some room. Couldn’t find a patch kit at wallmark that would cover the hole so for now I just use good old duct tape. I friend told my an auto part store would have bigger patch kits. When the duct tape wears out I will try the bigger patch kit. Now on to create a box.



    • Jerred

      Awesome! Let me know if you need help with the box!

  • Brad Hester

    Just finished making 14lb and 20lb balls. Now me and the wife can do couples wall balls! Thanks for the post.

    • Jerred

      Really cool! Have fun!

  • Lauri

    This is great! I had to out my crossfit membership on hold for a bit due to $$$. Then I discovered a wall ball costs the same as a month of crossfit. Love this. Hubby is going to make my a plyo box and ill make us some wall balls. and its on!

    • Jerred


  • Tomiko

    I would like to make a 10 lb ball…could I just fill the basketball halfway or does that make it too imbalanced/dangerous? If so, I suppose I should I look for a ball 1/2 the size of a basketball.

    • Jerred

      I would recommend a smaller ball.

  • Faye

    Made a wall ball. Went through wall. Now I have to patch the drywall. -sigh-

    • Aaron White

      No one mentioned i would have to learn to use a medicine ball AND fix walls…
      This working out thing might be too much to handle.

  • Eric

    Finished my 20lbs ball, off to Wal-mart to buy a second $5 basketball to fill up.

  • Brad

    Depending on how heavy your want the ball to be you might have a little bit of space left in the ball and thus the salt, or sand if you go that route, may move around. Get a can of foam insulator and fill up that space. Let the foam dry and remove any excess that spilled out of the hole. Make that area smooth, and then patch the hole the same way.

    • Will

      You could get different size balls

  • Andrew

    How do you pad the ball?

    • Jerred

      What do you mean? Padding on the outside of the ball? If that is the question, the answer is, I do not pad the ball.

      • Andrew

        Has that ever been a problem?

        • Jerred

          Not at all.

  • Daniel Pope

    Awesome stuff, I’ve been using a garage gym for about 5 years now. Going to have to make myself a new wall ball!

  • Jelly Andrews

    Cool! This is really awesome. It seems a promising way to
    work out. Thanks for this idea. Now I am thinking of trying this one out.

  • Eddy Lindenstein

    This is so awesome! I’m assuming this could be used as a slam ball as well, right? Any issue with it “springing a leak”?

    • Jerred

      Haven’t used it as a slam ball. I am sure you would have problems eventually.

    • Aaron White

      I made one with sand and a bunch of duct tape, and tried using it as a slam ball.
      It lasted a few times before the side blew out from an air pocket.
      I guess if you want a slam ball a real Medicine ball might be best. Maybe others have had better success.

    • Ben Ulmen

      Fold up a few blankets and place them on the floor. This will reduce damage from impact with the floor as well as reducing noise for those elsewhere in the house.

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  • Afghanimarine

    Don’t use a super cheap wal-mart basket ball. We made a ball about 6 months ago and the rubber started to crack and tear. We fixed it, but it took a whole role of pink duct tape.

  • Anonymous

    Buy a cheap basketball, volleyball, football, etc and a cheap sports ball pump. Deflate as much as possible by inserting aluminum inflating needle and stomping all the air out. Use a deep sink, bathtub, rubbermaid container, pool, and submerge the ball pump entirely and express all the air and replace w/ water w/ a several pumps. Now, submerge the deflated ball, and begin to fill it up underwater until entirely full. This is a good workout in itself. Remove the needle under water, and your done. Rubber basketballs make heavy slam balls, volleyballs since medicine balls.

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  • Kylee

    Hi. LOVE this idea. Keen to make a few but where do I buy bags of salt pellets? I’m in Australia and I’ve tried pool shops but they don’t know what I’m talking about when I ask for salt pellets. Ta

  • Will

    Can this work for slam balls?


    WOBBLE ISSUE SOLUTION: Unbalanced or wobbly diy medicine ball is a pain. I fixed the issue by using Great Stuff Insulating Foam spray($4-6 at Homedepot/Lowes), this thing will expand inside the ball. 1st weight the sand you are putting inside the ball, divide it into 4 parts. Put 1/4 of the sand inside the ball, spray Great stuff inside the ball, about 1/4 of the can. Add another 1/4 of the sand and spray again 1/4 of the Great stuff, and SHAKE it(cover the hole with your finger with disposable gloves). Repeat the process until you’re done with the rest of the sand. Remember to shake the ball to mix the sand and Great stuff and spread evenly inside the ball. You might NOT need a patch to the hole you made by spraying Great stuff when you are finished. When you see the Great stuff overflows, it’s time to stop adding it. The hole I made has the size of the opening of a water bottle, about 3/4 inch – X cut, I used the water bottle as a funnel for the sand. It will be messy so use disposable gloves and lots of paper towel. For a 20lbs ball, you might just need 3/4 of the Great stuff can, so take it easy with this stuff. Hope this helps.