The Fallen Hero Project

Today is a short post, and it’s only purpose is to announce the official launch of The Fallen Hero Project.

And I am going to ask you upfront, if you think this is a worthy cause….SHARE IT!! The only way this project will be completed is if Eo3 and beyond participates.

When I started End of Three Fitness I only knew one thing for certain…I wanted it to be about doing something; whether it was a DIY Project or an Eo3 Challenge I wanted it to be different than other fitness websites.

Well now it’s about taking up another challenge. A challenge in which you are not allowed to quit. If you are doing the 6-week challenge, you are already participating in the Fallen Hero Project and you don’t even know it…yet.

Can I count on you to take this challenge? You have six months to complete just one (at least) workout…You can commit to that, right? 

The Fallen Hero Project Explained


  • Purpose: Raise money for the Wounded Warrior Project and honor fallen heroes
  • The project will run from November 11, 2012 (Veterans Day)
  • The project will end May 27, 2013 (Memorial Day)
  • Goal: Collectively complete 5,000,000 pounds lifted, 500,000 meters ran/rowed and 50,000 reps completed.

The only way your reps, weight or meters will be counted will be by completing CrossFit Hero workouts; around 90 to choose from. You can complete one, five, or 28 in the six months.

Founder’s Pledge: To complete ALL CrossFit Hero Workouts in 6 months (about one Hero WOD every other day).

After completing a workout, go to “The Submit WOD Page” and enter your name and the workout you completed.

That’s it!

Your totals will be automatically calculated based off of the workout you completed and then they will be added to the overall total (updated weekly).

Whether you CrossFit or not, a pledge to complete at least one of these workouts in remembrance of a fallen hero is a small pledge in comparison to the sacrifice they made.

Are you in??

As always, if you have any questions please contact me, and I’ll ask one more time if you think this is a worthy cause….SHARE IT!!

Let’s do this!