Make the Best of Your Workout Time by Programming in Blocks

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The challenge in any workout program is doing everything YOU want to do in the time that YOU have. I know one of the biggest struggles for most people is finding the time to train and workout. Or if you have the time, not being able to execute everything you want in that time frame; […]

7 Ways to Train Alone (and Actually Push Yourself)

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To train alone is to develop a skill, or an art, and it is not simple. Anybody can walk around the block or go through the motions of a workout alone… I’m sure you’ve heard the popular quote, “80% of success is showing up”… But JUST showing up is not enough. It builds a habit, but […]

How to Make Working Out Suck Less

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Have you ever heard the old cliche, “No Pain No Gain!”? Working out can hurt, whether you are brand new or have been working out for a decade. If you are pushing yourself…it will hurt. I’m not talking about an injury-hurt, rather the “Man, this sucks…” kind of hurt. Well, you’ll be happy to know three […]

Build Mental Toughness and Getting Better Through Subtraction

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What are you doing today to build your mental toughness? Mental toughness has always been a big part of End of Three Fitness. In fact, one of the questions I ask every podcast guest is… “What is the best activity for building mental toughness?” I’ve written articles on the topic such as; Simple(ish) Ways to […]