Three Essential Elements to Sloth-Like Sleep

Do you want better sleep? Me too. Let me tell you there is a TON of information on sleep out there. You will find suggestions ranging from taking 200mcg (micrograms) of huperzine-A 30 minutes before bed to investing hundreds of dollars in a “personal sleep manger” machine. But is that stuff REALLY helpful to you? […]

The Art of Weight Loss (what no one talks about)

How to lose weight… A quick internet search with those four little words and you will be in immediate information overload with “40 ways to lose weight FAST…”, “9 things you shouldn’t eat if trying to lose weight…” and “15 weight loss workouts you HAVE to do…” All that information… And all of it useless… […]

A Practical Guide to Add 1,000 Push-ups per Week to Any Routine

What are the chances of you doing 1,000 push-ups in the next 7 days? Without changing your workout routine, at all?  How about the chances of you doing 62,400 push-ups in the next 365 days? Pretty slim? Me too. I know if I didn’t add this simple method to my weekly routine I would be […]

9 CrossFit Lessons from a Former CrossFit Addict

I am a former CrossFit addict. Once upon a time I was completely addicted to CrossFit. I watched all CrossFit videos on YouTube, did multiple CrossFit workouts in a day, and programmed a lot of CrossFit workouts. I talked about it, wrote about it and loved CrossFit. Now, this isn’t an article about how I […]

The 3-Year Journey of Remarkable Human Beings

Can you believe End of Three Fitness has been around for 3 full years!? It’s hard for me to believe…I mean when I started this site I didn’t even have kids, and now I have two boys! I also had not defeated King Kong nor did I know the power of beet juice. But hey, things […]

The Only 5 Strength Training Programs You’ll Ever Need

What is the best strength training program? How long should you train? How many days a week? Which lifts? Well, if you want to increase your better humanness and have the ability to lift your significant other (maybe?) or dog over your head…No? How about cat? Either way, you should be looking into a strength […]