Put Your Terrible Diet in Checkmate

Gaining full control of your diet is not a game of checkers…it’s chess! The game of chess is not won with cookie cutter step-by-step instructions for every single person to follow against every single opponent, and that’s the same reason you shouldn’t follow a step-by-step, or day-by-day, diet. “You have to learn the rules of […]

Use a Fighter Pilot’s Brain to Conquer High Intensity Workouts

Fighter pilots are known for max performing aircraft, but it’s max performing themselves to their physical and mental capacity that is truly impressive. The United States government spends millions of dollars training each individual fighter pilot to make sure they succeed in their mission…and for good reason. On any typical mission they will process absurd amounts […]

Taking Your Strength from Toyota to Lamborghini

If you had the choice to cruise around in a Lamborghini or Toyota, which would you pick? Ok, forget economical, forget speed limits, forget price…What if all you had to do to get the Lamborghini was focus on how well you drive it, and the rest of that stuff didn’t matter? What about in strength? […]

The Biggest Eo3 Announcement Ever: Betterhumanology

The next step in End of Three Fitness is here (almost)! You could call it the evolution of the revolution, or we can just call it Betterhumanology! A lot has happened around here at End of Three Fitness; There was the free barbell not too long ago (more free barbell opportunities for you coming soon), you […]

5 Subtle Ways to Dramatically Improve Bodyweight Movements (Like Chuck Norris)

How many push-ups can you do? How about pull-ups? What about sit-ups, squats or dips? You’re not Chuck Norris, so your answer can’t be “All of them”. Whatever your number is, I’m sure you want to be able to do more, but if bodyweight movements aren’t regularly practiced then the skill and strength will fade… And, […]

How to Defeat King Kong with a T-Shirt

I finally did it. I have finally defeated King Kong! Hours of lifting, millions of pounds of volume, buckets of sweat and I have finally defeated King Kong. I don’t typically have entire posts talking about one of my singular accomplishments, but today I want to share a few lessons learned, in a goal that […]

Stronger, Faster & Fitter in 25 minutes, or less

Yep, I said it. Stronger and faster in 25 minutes, or less! No, I am not trying to hop on the infomercial bandwagon where they keep shortening the length of the DVD to keep the masses entertained. No, I’ll tell you upfront that what I am about to propose will be grueling, and some of […]