Eo3 Geo Metro Thanksgiving Throwdown

First, I would like to say happy thanksgiving!!

Second, I know what you are asking yourself this holiday season. It is probably the same question you always ask yourself around the holidays:

Am I more powerful than a 1992 Geo Metro?

I mean, you are probably asking yourself that, right? :)

A little back story: I have had this idea for a long time. No, not the Geo Metro idea. I have had the idea to create a workout in which you lift XXX amount of weight in XXX amount of time and you produce XXX amount of horsepower. Originally, when I started the idea I was trying to think of a pretty bad ass car with like 600hp for the challenge. Well I started doing some of the math…turns out it is pretty freakin’ hard for a human being to produce a lot of horsepower.

Then I remembered the 1992 Geo Metro.

This beast of a car does not have your average six-cylinder engine, or even the average four-cylinder engine. Nope, the 1992 Geo Metro has a whopping 1.0L 3 cylinder engine that is capable of turning out 55 horsepower!!

Look at that beauty!

So the question remains…Are you more powerful than the ’92 Metro?

Showing some of my fitness nerd here: I did some math based off of average heights, weights and weights lifted at average speeds to come up with a workout that would be capable of producing just a little more than 55 horsepower.

Thus, if you can complete this workout challenge, or Thanksgiving Throwdown, you can finally say:

I am more powerful than a 1992 Geo Metro!!

Think about the eternal bragging rights you would have. You could tell your friends, family, co-workers and your neighbors that you are more powerful than a sub-par economy car built in the early nineties.

Eo3 Geo Metro Thanksgiving Throwdown

The picture above pretty much sums it up!

The workout does not appear to be that challenging. However, horsepower takes into account the speed, or time…so not only do you have to complete the workout…Once you start an exercise, all of the reps must be continuous, a.k.a consecutive, a.k.a unbroken. Also, you have to complete the workout in the given time frames. As you can see above 3 min. and 36 sec. or less to be more powerful than a stinking Geo Metro!

Well, I did the workout! You can watch it here.

I completed the Eo3 Geo Metro Thanksgiving Throwdown!! And I am proud to announce, with a finishing time of 3:24, that….

I am MORE powerful than a 1992 Geo Metro!!

Are you more powerful than the beast?


I hope you guys have fun with this challenge, I know I did.

Aside from that, from my family to yours, we would like to say, HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!