The SEALFIT Experience


It was day two of SEALFIT, I was in the shower letting the warm water pour over my body as I watched sand run down my legs and into the drain. I knew we were only going to get a few hours of sleep before they woke us up and had us back in the […]

It’s All About the Barbell

Eo3 Announce Logo

Today is a big day! New logo, new programs, new opportunities… Are you ready? Let’s start with the logo. Two things End of Three Fitness has been about since 2011… 1.) Becoming Better Humans 2.) The Barbell And today, we meld the barbell and EO3. I’m excited to announce, and introduce to you, the newly […]

SHOULD you Squat Every Day?

squat every day, squat everyday

Have you ever tried to squat every day? Not air squats every day… I’m talking heavy, barbell-on-your-back, squats every day. This type of training is REALLY hot right now…again. Yes, I said again. Is a squat every day program new? Not exactly. I’ve noticed this method of training gains popularity in waves. So let’s talk […]

How to Set a World Record (in less than 12 hours)


Setting a world record is something which seems like an unachievable feat, for most. Right? I don’t see myself as a World Class Athlete or World Record Holder, but… The Guinness World Records database is bursting with 40,000 current records all screaming to be beaten! And Talon and I actually each broke one! Now, did […]

Thomas Cox from MealFit Talks Nutrition and Performance


How much do you know about fat? How much do you know about your diet and your performance? There’s a common myth which is slowly being dispelled: this idea that fat makes you fat, and that fat is the enemy. If you believe that, you would be wrong. Fat is essential. So today I’m happy as […]