How to Workout in Your Underwear and Save $15,000

Who doesn’t want to workout in their underwear and save $15,000 in the process?  No lie, I have worked out at home in my underwear once before…ok, maybe twice…alright, alright maybe it was a few times…Still not sure if I am proud of that, but nonetheless, it has happened Here’s what we are going to […]

New Harder to Kill Challenge and One Man One Barbell Updates!

And it’s here!! The second Hard(er) to Kill 6-Week Challenge at End of Three Fitness! We are going all out on this challenge (cash prizes, fitness, mental toughness)! Ok, too many exclamation points…but it’s really cool. If you are new, don’t worry participating is FREE. Well, free financially. It will cost you in sweat! Are […]

Crushing Your Fat Fears

So, what’s up with fat? Can a high-fat, low-carb diet really help fight cancer, increase athletic performance and help you LOSE…fat? Let’s talk fat! Not too long ago humans were doing everything they could to cut the fat OUT of food and avoided eating anything that was considered “fattening”. Now, people are throwing tablespoons of […]

Increase Your Performance Today with the Better Human Shot

I have a confession to make… I’ve been taking a performance enhancer… Yep, I admit it. This performance enhancer has led to recent PRs (personal records) in many different cardiorespiratory areas of my fitness, increased the amount of time I can work before I get tired and makes me feel great! The performance enhancer?? It’s […]

Triple Unders: Your Brief Crazy Awesome Guide

Ever tried  triple unders? First, sorry for the ridiculously scary picture of the cats and doll jumping rope. It just seems to fit the “demeanor” of the triple under. Awhile back I wrote “A Ridiculously Awesome, yet brief, Guide to Double Unders“, and NEVER thought I would be writing, “Triple Unders: Your Brief Crazy Awesome Guide ”. […]

Meet Kevin, a Mental Toughness Practitioner

Yep, same guy in the picture above! Kevin is one impressive dude!! I am all about sharing success stories at End of Three Fitness, because the ONLY reason success stories exist is because of YOUR effort. First, read his story. Then we will talk about building your Mental Toughness Brick Wall…something Kevin is clearly doing on a daily basis. Take […]

How Evernote Makes You a Better Human

Evernote is the single most helpful fitness tracking tool in existence. There I said it. Step aside fitness tracking apps, pedometers and calorie counters. None of them hold a candle to Evernote. If you’ve been hanging around End of Three Fitness for awhile, you know I have a slight obsession with Evernote. Ok, obsession is […]

Learn the Ultimate Biohack

Have you heard of biohacking? It’s all the rage, let me tell you… Biohacking, at one point in time, was a pretty serious blend of scientific, data-driven and biological experimentation to “hack” your biology for the better. Nowadays, everyone is a “biohacker”. A quick Google search and you will find some of the most popular […]

“The Juggle”, or How to Dominate Fitness with a Crazy Life

How do you juggle it all?  How can one work 60+ hours a week and still maintain a high-level of fitness and health? How can you fit fitness in your life when you have a family? How can you fit it all in without something falling off, or suffering? When others hear I workout very […]