Podcast: Brian Mackenzie talks endurance training, diet, supplements and more


  CLICK HERE to listen to this podcast at betterhumanology Brian Mackenzie is the founder of CrossFit Endurance, NYT best-selling author of Power, Speed, Endurance and Unbreakable Runner. He has taken a unique approach to training endurance which goes against the grain of most endurance training. Today, he gives great information on training, nutrition and supplements. […]

Accelerate is Here!


It’s official, ACCELERATE Strength and Conditioning is here! Today is the day where anyone can register to accelerate their fitness, and there is a little over three days left to do so. This program is a direct response to what EO3 Members said they wanted in our most recent survey, and I am excited and […]

Brett McKay from the Art of Manliness Talks Testosterone

Brett McKay

Brett McKay is the founder of the very popular (and awesome) Art of Manliness website. He writes to better, encourage, and teach men from all around the world. Personally, his 30 Days to a Better Man series was life-changing. On top of being a husband, father and author he also knows a ton about testosterone. […]

I lifted 1,000,000 lb…Here’s what happened

million pound

So, I lifted a million pounds. It was a lot of weight and, to be honest; it was hard to find a barbell large enough to fit all 1,000,000 lb on it. Kidding! I lifted a million pounds of volume and I want to tell you what happened. Now, you can probably guess I got […]

Learn How to Navigate Obstacles with Startling Ease

obstacle race, spartan race

Learning how to navigate obstacles is an important trait in becoming a better human being. Running for your life? Preparing for the zombie apocalypse? Headed to this weekend’s obstacle race? Let’s make any obstacle effortless. Knowing how to climb over a wall could just save your life. Or at least give you a fast obstacle […]