009: The Five-Minute Journal, an Exercise in Gratitude


This week Talon and Jerred did an exercise in gratitude. They used a journal called “The Five-Minute Journal” to see if it could help improve mood, pain tolerance and life in general. The Five-Minute Journal is a simple journaling technique designed to help you improve and focus on daily gratitude. Studies on gratitude have proven […]

How to Spice up the Garage Gym with Chains and PVC

Hip Belt Squat

Today, we have a garage gym DIY “project”! Notice I put project in quotations, because this is hardly a project, and more of a case for why you should have extra PVC and chains in your garage. PVC plays an important role in a garage gym – it can help with mobility, we’ve used it to […]

4-Week One Barbell Workout Program (Free)

barbell workout, barbell workout program

Today, I am going to give you a simple 4-week barbell workout (strength and conditioning) program.  The program may be easy for some of you and very difficult for others. However, this program can be done with one barbell, some weight, and space to run. It’s incredibly simple. The workouts will not take you very […]

How to Improve the Greatest Human Strength

willpower, strengthen willpower

Have you ever wanted to push yourself a little more, a little harder or just a little bit further? Of course, this could be in a workout, at your work or even in your family life. You know the benefits of breaking bad habits, setting good ones and aiming to be just a little bit […]

How to Make Cold Brew Coffee

how to make cold brew coffee

Today, we are going to go over how to make cold brew coffee. But first, have you heard of cold brew coffee? It’s pretty good stuff! It’s not on the same level as Bulletproof Coffee, and not quite as unique as my PR Coffee Brew, but it’s easy to make and great tasting (can you […]

Cold Thermogenesis, or How to Lose 8 lb in 10 Days

cold thermogenesis

This week Talon and Jerred simply drank 32 oz. of ice cold water, took cold-hot contrast showers for 5 min. of 20 seconds cold – 10 seconds of warm and took mile-long walks in the cold keeping hands, feet, and head warm to test out cold thermogenesis…and the results were pretty interesting! We tested it in […]

Case Study: From Pumping Iron to Elite Police

Case Study

What is End of Three Fitness? How about I show you, rather than tell you? As the guy who created this site, my aim is simple: EO3 will do anything and everything to make you (and me) better than you were yesterday; a better human. That’s why we have a ton of resources (95% of […]

Thanks! So here’s a FREE barbell


Thank you, thank you, thank you!! What am I thanking you for?? Well, last week I asked you all to subscribe, rate or review the new podcast “betterhumanology”…and you guys did! In fact, so many of you subscribed I got my 15 minutes of fame in the TOP 15 of ALL Fitness & Nutrition podcasts! […]

What Happens when the “Other Guys” Try Meditation


Mediation can improve your general well being, reduce depression, anxiety and stress, increase productivity, improve self control, and even change the composition of your brain for the better… Sounds great! But what happens when the “other guys” put mediation to the test? You know, the guys who aren’t trying to achieve an enlightened state and simply […]

betterhumanology is here! And I need a favor…


***This post is about the launch of the betterhumanology podcast and membership site*** betterhumanology is here! Every January I launch something new here at End of Three Fitness: In 2013 it was our strength and conditioning system, in 2014 it was our mental toughness program… In 2015, it is betterhumanology; our new PODCAST and MEMBERSHIP […]