I lifted 1,000,000 lb…Here’s what happened

million pound

So, I lifted a million pounds. It was a lot of weight and, to be honest; it was hard to find a barbell large enough to fit all 1,000,000 lb on it. Kidding! I lifted a million pounds of volume and I want to tell you what happened. Now, you can probably guess I got […]

Learn How to Navigate Obstacles with Startling Ease

obstacle race, spartan race

Learning how to navigate obstacles is an important trait in becoming a better human being. Running for your life? Preparing for the zombie apocalypse? Headed to this weekend’s obstacle race? Let’s make any obstacle effortless. Knowing how to climb over a wall could just save your life. Or at least give you a fast obstacle […]

Episode 012: Joe De Sena on Building Mental Toughness


Joe De Sena is the co-founder of The Death Race, Spartan Race (1M+ competitors), and more. Among other things, he has completed the famously grueling Iditarod dogsledding race…on FOOT. And what about the Badwater Ultramarathon (135 miles at over 120 °F/49 °C), Vermont 100, and Lake Placid Ironman? He did all of those in ONE WEEK. The man […]

Build Grit and Lungs with Breathing Ladders

breathing ladder, breathing ladders

How do Navy SEALs, fighter pilots and brain surgeons keep their cool? These people are often in situations where there is a level of uncertainty, their heart rates are jacked and their minds are racing at light speed. To lose their cool would be, well, a really bad thing… To answer the question, they keep their […]

009: The Five-Minute Journal, an Exercise in Gratitude


This week Talon and Jerred did an exercise in gratitude. They used a journal called “The Five-Minute Journal” to see if it could help improve mood, pain tolerance and life in general. The Five-Minute Journal is a simple journaling technique designed to help you improve and focus on daily gratitude. Studies on gratitude have proven […]