How to Defeat King Kong with a T-Shirt

I finally did it. I have finally defeated King Kong! Hours of lifting, millions of pounds of volume, buckets of sweat and I have finally defeated King Kong. I don’t typically have entire posts talking about one of my singular accomplishments, but today I want to share a few lessons learned, in a goal that […]

Stronger, Faster & Fitter in 25 minutes, or less

Yep, I said it. Stronger and faster in 25 minutes, or less! No, I am not trying to hop on the infomercial bandwagon where they keep shortening the length of the DVD to keep the masses entertained. No, I’ll tell you upfront that what I am about to propose will be grueling, and some of […]

Setting Your Better Human Standards

Have you ever wondered where exactly your fitness stacks up? You could do a number of things to test your fitness; you could run a sanctioned 5K or unsanctioned marathon (like I did), compete in the CrossFit Games Open, or even find a local powerlifting or weightlifting meet to compete in. But if you don’t […]

Project Barbell is Complete

Project barbell is complete!! Today, I have a short announcement post, and if you didn’t get to participate in Project Barbell you can skip this post and read one of my personal favorites, 49 Ways to Become a Better Human. Today, we officially conclude Project barbell and announce the winner of the FREE barbell. First, […]

The Freakin’ Awesome-Morning Breakfast Hack

What type of breakfast do you like? Are you the one-bowl-of-oatmeal type? The high-fat-butter-in-my-coffee type? Or do you skip breakfast altogether? Breakfast is important, but End of Three Fitness is not the type of fitness website that is going to make you feel guilty for not eating breakfast, give you “10 reasons not to skip […]

How to Build a Slosh Pipe

Have you ever heard of a slosh pipe? Well, heard of it or not, let’s talk about how to build a slosh pipe!  Ok, ok, we can talk about it first… A slosh pipe is simply a PVC pipe filled 2/3 with water. The term “slosh” is used because the water sloshes around inside the […]

How Your Daily Shower Can Turn You into a Better Human

You turn the knob and water starts to spray and spew. You adjust the handle to just the right spot, as you have done a thousand times before. You reach your hand in to make sure the water is just the right temperature before you decide to finally get in. The rest is a blur. […]

Giving Away a Free Barbell: Announcing #ProjectBarbell!

Want to find out how much a singular barbell can really do? Want to get stronger, faster and become a better human? Want a free barbell?  Join Project Barbell! First, where Project Barbell started… I set out to find an answer to a few of those questions a long time ago, but a little over two months […]

The Lost Art of Mental Toughness, and How to Find it

Grit is disappearing…and it’s an epidemic. Your grandparents practiced grit daily…it was called living a hard life. Now, we have too many conveniences and easy buttons so our brains are becoming mush; where motivation is nonexistent and pushing ourselves is rare. The truth is… If you can master your brain you can master getting ANY of the […]