Better Human Quest

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Welcome to The Better Human Quest. A quest aimed at one thing – becoming a better (hu)man.

In 2011 my brother was in a terrible accident in which he was severely injured. The night of the accident we were told there was little hope he would survive…But he survived. Next they told him he may never walk again…But he’s walking. My brother is walking while missing four inches of his femur.

That was 2011. In March 2012, just a little over a year after my brother’s accident, he completed the Bataan Memorial Death March (a marathon in the desert).

I started this quest to DO something, something my brother has made me realize I should never take for granted. This list originated only as physical accomplishments, but has since evolved. I started this quest because I can’t stand settling, compromise or cookie cutter. I want to live a different life – a life worth writing about, a life my great grand kids will look at in awe.

I believe we only get better through overcoming challenges and new experiences. It may not always be easy or safe…but it’s all part of growth and becoming a better human.

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Viva la revolution!



A small list of physical fitness feats, challenges and other items I would like to accomplish.


Half marathon WITHOUT training [November 2013]
Marathon WITHOUT training [November 2013]
Complete ALL CrossFit Girl WODs in three weeks or less…
Complete ALL CrossFit Hero WODs in three months or less…
Complete the Bataan Memorial Death March


Complete CrossFit Workout “Kalsu“
Complete CrossFit Workout “King Kong“
Run suicides on a football field for the entire length, every five yards
CrossFit Fartlek [February 2012]


Hold an iron cross for 20 seconds
25 consecutive strict pull-ups [ November 2011]
Complete 1,000 double-unders for time [April 2012]
50 consecutive kipping pull ups [Summer 2012]
Climb a 20 ft. rope with arms only
Walk 50 consecutive yards on hands
Hold a handstand for a minute (free standing)
Complete 1 repetition of a one-armed pull-up [Summer 2012]


Complete all four of Jim Wendler’s Prowler Challenges
50,000 lb. 1 Day Challenge
250,000 lb. 1 Week Challenge (coming soon at End of Three Fitness)
1,000,000 lb. 1 Month Challenge (coming soon at End of Three Fitness)
Complete “The Garage Gym WOD Challenge“
Complete and max a military PT test: Army – Air Force – Marine


Run 30 miles in one week [November 2013]
Complete a 5 mile Fartlek Run
1 mile swim


GoRUCK Challenge
Register and complete a Tough Mudder Race
Complete an obstacle course of any kind [April 2012]
Scale a mountain or rock face
100 outdoor self created workouts Blair Morrison Style (film all)
Workout on top of mountain (film if possible)
Workout on a building top (film if possible)
Run/workout on a runway (preferably inactive and film if possible)


Squat 100% of bodyweight
Squat 200% of body-weight
Bench 100% of body-weight
Bench 150% of body-weight
Deadlift 100% of body-weight
Deadlift 250% of body-weight
Press 100% of body-weight
Push Press 125% of body-weight
Clean 150% of body-weight
Snatch 100% of body-weight


Complete Paul Smith’s “Kong“


  1. Pay off all debt and be debt free for life!
  2. Own real estate
  3. Have a kid [May 2012]
  4. See the aurora borealis
  5. ….


  1. Go skydiving 
  2. Fly in an F-16 [March 2009]
  3. Solo flight in an aircraft [August 2008]
  4. Go Scubadiving
  5. Go Parasailing [August 2008] (how I asked Emily to marry me)
  6. Learn to Surf
  7. Learn to Kiteboard


  1. Own my own business [January 2013]
  2. Turn Eo3 into a Business [January 2013]
  3. Write an eBook [February 2012]
  4. 1,000 subscribers on Eo3 [October 2012]
  5. 5,000 subscribers on Eo3
  6. 10,000 subscribers on Eo3
  7. 20,000 subscribers on Eo3
  8. Donate $1,000 to the Wounded Warrior Project
  9. Change someone’s life
  10. Write 1,000,000 words
  11. Become a published author


  1. Be the man Emily needs each and every single day until the day I die.


Teach William…

  1. Be the father William needs each and every single day until the day I die.
  2. To fish
  3. How to change his oil
  4. How to be a gentleman
  5. How to shave
  6. How to be a better man than I am
  7. ….Teach William everything I know!!! (list will be updated as time goes along)


  1. Visit Every Continent
  2. Go Swimming in Every Ocean
  3. Visit Stone Henge
  4. See all of the 7 Wonders of the World
  5. Go to Licata, Sicily
  6. Visit a majority of Europe
  7. Visit South Africa
  8. Visit Bora Bora


  1. Go without internet for a month [June 2008]
  2. Go without a car for a month [June 2008]
  3. Fluent in one other language