A Word on the CrossFit Body, I Mean Physique

You will not find many crossfitters who started crossfit to get the “CrossFit body“. Everyone has their own reason for doing crossfit, but the more people I meet, the more I realize not many are after a certain physique. Sure some want to lose weight to look and feel better, but I think CrossFit is more of WHAT can you do, not HOW you look when you do it.

The CrossFit body is a prime picture of what a human looks like at its peak functionality, and it actually looks pretty good. I am writing this to all my bodybuilding friends and teens who may stumble across this article. Those who think they know what they want to look like. I have been in too many environments where “bodybuilders” (young guys who read this months muscle and fitness) talk about all that is wrong with crossfit. So here is my point.


CrossFit BodyThis is Branch Warren winner of the 2011 Arnold Classic. A top, if not the top, bodybuilder in the world. I have nothing against bodybuilding and if you want to do it, go for it. Just know that this guy is at his peak. While not all bodybuilders go through the following list here is what it takes to look like this guy. Aside from a crap ton of hard work in the gym (won’t discredit that at all).

  • 1 liter of fake tanner
  • Enough supplements to bankrupt Ethiopia and fail the kidneys of a small animal
  • Severe dehydration
This guy does not wake up in the morning, every morning, and look like this. It takes a lot of nutritional planning and strategy. It certainly is an art form. But for the guys trying to look like this day in and day out at the gym… it’s not going to happen… unless you are actually trying to become a bodybuilder.



This is Rich Froning, winner of the 2011 CrossFit Games. I am not one of the crossfitters who has overdosed on the kool-aid. I knowCrossFit Body that Rich does not go to crossfit.com everyday and get his one workout and maintain his strength level or physique. Just like Branch Warren does not open up Muscle & Fitness to get his latest routine. Being the best does not come from mediocrity. However this is Rich at his peak. Full of calories and well hydrated. He could be a little dehydrated from the competition, but he didn’t say “You know what I want to look good for this competition, NO water for 15 hours!!”.

The CrossFit Body

Back to my point. The CrossFit Body is made for use, the bodybuilding body is made for show. So if you are debating what kind of fitness to get into, think long and hard. If bodybuilding appeals to you then do it. If working out is just something you do 3x a week know that you won’t look like either of these guys, but doing crossfit will be a healthier choice.
  • Jake

    Doing crossfit will not be a healthier choice in most cases. Following a bodybuilding specific routine has great benefits and can lead to a healthy body.. It’s all of the steroids and shit that the pros put into their bodies that make that type of routine unhealthy, any type of exercise is healthy and beneficial as long as you do it right. But, I do agree that the crossfit body looks better and the crossfit routine will build a more functional body :)

    • Bob

      “Doing crossfit will not be a healthier choice in most cases.” How can you say that when crossfit covers both resistance training AND cardio AND flexibility, whereas bodybuilding is primarily resistance training??? In addition, the resistance training utilized in crossfit is a kind that is much more functional in day to day life.

      • Mike


      • jack

        yes like the crossfitter who drop heavy weight on there spin so functional after that huh

  • Will

    This article is misleading and comes across as a blatant attempt to sell Crossfit.

    First off, you’ve straw-manned bodybuilding by picking, for your example, an elite bodybuilder that has done massive amounts of steroids. Even if they were willing to put in the work, most guys don’t even want that. For a normal guy managing his diet and lifting weights, these are the sort of results one can expect: http://rippedbody.jp/results/

    Crossfit, like any cross-training program, will result in you making moderate improvement in a number of different categories. For pure aesthetics, which is a combination of building muscle and reducing fat, diet+lifting is king. If you want to do cardio, then do cardio and call it, “cardio.” But if you want to look great, hit the iron.

    • http://endofthreefitness.com/ Jerred

      Or if you want to look great, lift heavy weight, run fast, and carry large loads for long distances. Manage your diet and follow a good strength and conditioning program. Bodybuilding is a different world. Hell, I wrote this article almost four years ago lol. I am so far removed from “aesthetic” training now; i.e. bodybuilding I’ve forgotten the appeal.