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New to End of Three Fitness? Here is the basic philosophy:

  1. Fitness functionalism. Life should be taken by the horns, fun and adventure-driven, so why not practice fitness in a way that can be applied and help you live the life you want?
  2. Good eatin’. We strive to eat clean and healthy. Paleo would be the closest to match our philosophy  but it’s not perfect. Cheat meals only make us human and the occasional beer with friends doesn’t need to be passed up for the sake of discipline.
  3. Mental Toughness. The real culprit behind the difficulties with fitness and diet…our brains. We are mental toughness practitioners  We try to push our mental boundaries in simple and complex ways on a daily basis.

End of Three Fitness is where you can connect with other people on the same quest as you…Try to better yourself one day at a time, or as we like to call it – Becoming Better Humans.

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