Garage Gym

The Garage Gym

Training and getting in shape can be a chore, at times. However a little observation, or maybe some self-analysis, and you will find that the chore is not training itself. Of course, most people don’t “love” to exercise, but is it really that bad? NO! The worst part about fitness is all that comes with it: a long commute, overcrowded rooms, judgmental eyes, what to wear, cleanliness, and a lot more. You have your job, family, and life’s chores and tasks to worry about. Who wants to start or end their day with what feels like another chore? You don’t mind lifting weight or running. But that involves changing in to appropriate clothes, driving, waiting, and more driving, and….I think you get the picture.  Not to mention everyday that you “just don’t feel like it” costs you money!

Gyms today are designed for the masses. TVs and isolation machines that are getting you nowhere closer to your goals. It may make you feel better to have “gone to the gym today” but wouldn’t you rather train effectively and efficiently? Of course you would! Or maybe mediocrity is cool with you; if that’s the case maybe a Garage Gym isn’t for you.

Garage Gym…Less = More

The first thought that comes to mind for many just starting to think about a Garage Gym is, “How on earth can I make my garage look like a gym?”. Well this is where the less = more principle comes in to play. We are not making an LA Fitness in your garage. At End of Three Fitness we are making an effective and efficient world class training facility. Big difference between that and your commercialized gym. A garage gym is built to suit your performance, it is not built to give you just enough to pay monthly and shut up.

This isn’t theory or a cool idea. Many of the world’s top athletes and fittest people in the world already train with the less = more principle. Less equipment, less isolation exercises, less crap but more efficient training.

The Garage Gym Revolution

It is time to tell all the supplement companies that sell products that don’t work, the gyms with memberships that don’t matter, and the fitness magazines that push useless products and programs that WE’RE DONE!!!!!! We are not taking this crap anymore. We are not going to sit and be spoon fed marketing and advertisements that tell us what fitness should be.

Garage Gym


It is time to start making some decisions for yourself, and decisions on your health should be seen as a pretty big decision. Thomas Jefferson put it this way, “Leave all the afternoon for exercise and recreation, which are as necessary as reading. I will rather say more necessary because health is worth more than learning.”

Garage Gym Fears

  • It is too expensive.
  • I don’t know how to train myself.
  • I’m not very handy.
  • I don’ have enough space.
  • I don’t have a garage…

Welcome to a community of people of people doing it all in their Garages. In fact some people have used spare bedrooms and small spaces to create their “garage gym”. Not handy? There are very easy to follow tutorials. Too expensive? It’s really not; I’ll show you how to do it for way cheaper than any gym membership. Don’t know how to train yourself? I’ll teach you. It is all here and the information is growing every day. It is time to stop hiding behind any excuse you may have.

The revolution has begun! Let’s start your Garage Gym!!!