What Are People Saying?

I often get the question, “How do you have time to run a website?” or  even “Why do you do what you do?”, and honestly, the answer is…THE PEOPLE 

THANK YOU for the support and encouragement!!!


Love this!!! Seriously motivating and makes me never question why I love fitness! Great job, love the direction, love the writing, love everything about it!


Movements like yours have inspired me to become more proactive within my community. I try to tell anyone who asks my secret to losing weight and feeling great.

Thanks for the recipe and the website! I check it everyday! You’ve been a big help for us as we transition into this lifestyle change!


Jerrred personally I like to Thank you This all started because we Googled Garage Gym DIY projects and found your Blog, Inspiration from you and the encouraging blogs lead us forward.

Rob, in regards to the DIY Corner

Thanks for putting all this on the web! You saved me a lot of money putting my gym together.


Great post. Most people even athletes want the quick fix or quick result. I try to live by the motto, you get what you give. Hard work pays off. All these quick weird diets and exercise regimens only do one thing, make somebody rich. Put in the time AND effort and you will achieve your results. Not only in fitness but also in life.

Daniel, in regards to a recipe

I made this for the family the other night and it was amazing! Thanks for posting. I went with the parmesan in the crust and it turned out perfectly. Man it was good!


Thanks for sharing all these DIY ideas! I’m planning my own garage gym on a very tight budget, so it’s super helpful.


How cool to get back to the unstructured workout. In this day and age everything is structured and not very often do we get the opportunity to be spontaneous. I congratulate you for allowing the urge to take you and going with it, a very rare thing. Will be trying the random crap and encouraging others to do the same


Fantastic post! Will most definitely be switching over to an all natural protein supplement after reading this as well as BCAA’S and glutamine in the raw as opposed to the artificially sweetened ones I have been taking. Keep up the good work!!!


Thanks for this writeup! After reading yesterdays article and todays it is clear that I need a lot of work on my squat.


Thanks for the post and keep up to great work!


Jerred, I just built the plyo box, and it is solid as a rock!! It was easy to build, even for a guy who is as “handy” and a 10 year-old girl.


Thank you for having such a great blog, too. My fiance and I have been following your posts since we started getting our garage gym together.


Love the Blog, keep it up!


Awesome man! I used to have biceps day as well but now I just focus on being a fit as I can possibly be as. Another thing is that I’m not constantly looking at myself in the mirror.

Brevity Fitness

Hey Jerred. I just want to say thank you so much for your blogs and ideas. We are building our garage gym as we speak and are starting classes tomorrow. I have used several of your diy ideas and have been inspired to do some of our own. We just this past weekend built and installed a huge monkey bar/pullup station suspended from the ceiling. Thanks again for the inspiration and keep up the good work.


I love you site and blog! Great resource for those of us that workout at home and looking to build our home box. Thanks for all the tips!


Just checked out the DIY site. Amazing!!!!