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Hey guys! That’s me, Jerred Moon, the unconventional leader of End of Three Fitness. I’m a pretty unconventional dude (or at least my mom thinks so), trying to live life and practice fitness in a way most don’t, but we can talk about that in a minute.

First, let’s talk about why End of Three Fitness may be useful for you.

Like you, I am trying to be better than I was yesterday. I write about the quest to becoming a better human and how I am fighting to never be average. What you can expect here:

  • Proven methods to get stronger, faster and harder to kill.
  • Tips, tricks and DIY projects for bringing fitness to the home front.
  • Ways that food can help you recover, cure disease and better fuel your brain.

I bring you all this through personal experience, backed scientific research and, of course, with a dash of humor.

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More About End of Three Fitness

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You may want to know about the name (End of Three Fitness), well, at the end of a countdown (the end of three) something epic usually happens; from a rocket launch to a workout…this site is where the “end of three” is happening. Mind blown? Just kidding, keep reading…

In 2011, I was training to be a fighter pilot and got injured in the process. I couldn’t fly. I couldn’t workout. However, I am incredibly passionate about fitness, coaching, I love to build, read and research…so I did just that. I found a lot of  BAD fitness websites in my temporary bedridden-state, so I started to write, I started the Better Human Quest and I started to build, just because I couldn’t stand reading their crap anymore. And boom! Accidental revolution…

Now, this revolution and fitness army are growing at an exponential rate. My small quest has ignited an Army of badasses. Most who read End of Three Fitness are bit unconventional, yet generally open-minded. I also like to think people enjoy an ad-free, pop-up free, anti-spam type of website.

In 2013 this army, or revolution, made End of Three Fitness a Top 10 Fitness blog, proved the effectiveness of One Man One Barbell and in remembrance of Fallen heroes lifted 5,468,491 pounds, moved 607,771 meters and performed 200,269 reps. The spread of this revolution by its small army has had End of Three Fitness featured in magazines, LifeHacker, the Art of Manliness, and had its fitness programs independently tested at major universities (yea, that’s happening!). 

And that’s where we are at now. Join us.

Alright, earlier, I mentioned I was “unconventional”…what does that mean? 

Well, you could start by reading my quest, but I’m just a little different…my wife and I have paid off $70,000 worth of debt, in two years, on only one salary of less than that. I created a very successful unconventional strength and conditioning program (One Man One Barbell) by studying and testing new ways to approach strength training – challenging the norm, and I am the guy behind the DIY corner. I also ran a marathon without training for it whatsoever, read about that here.

But when it comes to this website, the most unconventional or unusual part about it is the fact that it is backed by a promise; to be a website with integrity.

A website with…Integrity.

Not something you hear too often. Whether it was my father’s guiding principles or my military service, I am a man of integrity and that is how I run End of Three Fitness. Beyond holding to my own principles of being a man, I am raising a son (and another on the way), and they need to see in me what I expect of them.

What this means to you…

Email Subscribers – If you give, or have already given, your email to me to access the member’s area and to join to revolution, rest assured your email will go nowhere except my email list. Unsubscribe from that list and your email no longer exists to me.

Products – I soley develop, create and research unique and effective fitness products, then offer them at End of Three Fitness. I test every product for approximately 6 months to 1 year. If it doesn’t survive testing, you’ll never see it. If you do see it, it passed the test. If I say 100% money-back guarantee, I mean it. Period. I create things to better our lives, not to rip you off.

Free Stuff – This includes free eBooks, workouts posted at Eo3Fit and the all End of Three Fitness blog posts.These things are free and will always be free. I do not offer them for free to try and trick you into anything. I have no secret motives here. These things are free because fitness is my passion and I want to help people.

Bottom line: I am building a website and a business. My name is painted all over this place, and I couldn’t see any other founding principle or starting point better than integrity.


What People Are Saying About End of Three Fitness


“Love this site! It’s real world training, it’s unusual by industry standards, but I like unusual!”

– Seth Goodman

“This blog is very straightforward, down to earth, clear and offers great information. It has a lot of free downloads [in the members area], no advertising and instructions for do-it-yourself fitness equipment.”

– Wayne Guy

“Jerred blogs about fitness & talks about easy, DIY workouts. My favorite part about his approach to fitness is his unconventionality. Because it’s not just about striving to be the strongest or the fastest, but also to be the healthiest & most well-rounded person out there.”

– Kim Faucher 

“Jerred Moon has a very sound knowledge base on the musculoskeletal systems, energy systems and how they work when training, responses the body has to training and diet and a very good understanding on functional fitness and strength. Through his experiences and pragmatic approach to fitness he has taken it upon himself to share his experiences with others and explain the successes he has gained, guiding others down the right path to not only training but life. A holistic approach that is inspiring and honest. Love ya Jerred (no homo).”

– Dahc Nite

  • Join the Revolution (it's free), and get four FREE eBooks, FREE training programs and other resources!

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