You Can’t be Fit

You can’t be fit.

  • Fitness is hard. You probably won’t like it. It is quite doubtful that you have the drive or determination to benefit from something as great and amazing as exercise. I suggest you stick to something a little bit less taxing like sitting on the couch and watching tv. Perhaps you can watch the infomercials for P90X and Insanity and feel like you got a workout.

You can’t be fit.

  • You’re too old, too slow, too big or too small. It’s too much work. It will not be enjoyable. You’ve put it off too long and too many different times. You’re intelligent, you’re funny and you’re good at your job, but fit is not one of the words to describe you. You know fit people and you see fit places and you know fit just isn’t you.

You can’t be fit.

  • You don’t like tofu and eating like a caveman sounds ridiculous. Your grandpa smoked a pack a day a lived till he was 90 years old. You don’t need fitness. Obesity is not a real threat on your life, your children’s life or even your friends. High Cholesterol and blood pressure are best cured through pills. Losing weight is a product of surgery. Technology will eventually beat fitness.

You can’t be fit…or…


  • Fitness is hard and you may not always like it. But you do have that drive and determination to benefit from something as great and amazing as exercise. It’s in there, you just have to find it! Watching TV isn’t getting you anywhere, go out and do something. You don’t always need an exercise program or structure. Just move, and fight being stationary as much as you can!

You can be fit!

  • Age ain’t nothing but a number, slow people can get faster, big people can get smaller and small people can get bigger. No one said it would be easy, but it is totally doable. You may have put it off in the past, but don’t force yourself to do things you hate. Find something you enjoy and run with it. You’re intelligent, you’re funny and you’re good at your job. Why not take some of those traits and apply them to getting fit!? You know fit people and you see fit places. Ask those people how to do what they did and go to the fit places to start working on your fitness.

You can be fit!

  • You don’t need an extreme diet or nature cleanse, clean up your diet, cut out the crap and start eating healthier. Don’t do what other people did, do what you know is right. Obesity is not the only problem lurking around the corner. Apparently, even the skinny unhealthy ones are at risk for heart attacks and other severe health problems. You need fitness. Most of your health ailments have a cure that was established a long time ago…exercise. Technology will NEVER beat fitness.

You can be fit. Welcome to The Revolution.

Putting fitness on the pedestal.

I see too many people with too many excuses. You can be fit!

Through years of observation with friends, family, co-workers and many others I have found the MAIN reason people are not fit or why they are not as fit as they want to be.

They put fitness on a pedestal.

Yes, I jacked the phrase from the movie the 40 Year Old Virgin when they told him he was putting, well, he was putting something on the pedestal. Watch the movie if you don’t know what I am talking about.

Anyway, I see people do this on a daily basis. People put fitness on the pedestal like it is some ancient relic that should only be pulled out by an expert archaeological excavator.  It is not the unfit that this happens to. It happens to everyone at every level of fitness. People think being fit is some sort of club with tiered membership…and their membership has been revoked or suspended until further notice.

Some examples:

  • Out of shape = Think those that are in decent shape will judge and that they could never achieve the almighty “being in shape”
  • In decent shape = Think they are in pretty good shape but scared they could never achieve the almighty “amazing shape”
  • In amazing shape = Think they are in amazing shape but scared they could never turn their talent into competing or achieving the almighty title of becoming a “competitor”


  • Out of shape = Those in decent shape respect the out of shape for getting fit because they were there once too and they know how it feels. Achieving “being in shape” is very doable.
  • In decent shape = “Amazing shape” is just a little extra work and it is right around the corner.
  • In amazing shape = You have the engine, you have the talent so why not do something with it? Take your hard work and dedication and channel it a little bit more to turn yourself into a competitor.

Being fit is not a club, there are no memberships cards or sign-up fees. Being fit is achieved through sweat and sometimes blood, only through hard work and dedication is ‘fit’ achieved.

  • Anyone can be fit
  • You can start today
  • Don’t know something…ask
  • Can’t do something…find someone who can

You can be fit!