What is an End of Three Fitness

Forged from a fitness that lives at the end of a countdown…the End of 3.

If you must know, I came up with the term End of Three when I was in the 9thgrade. I thought it would make a good band name, but I was never in a band. The idea was that a lot of bands do the whole “one”, “a-one”, “a-one”, “two, “three”…them boom the music starts. So the band was what happens at the end of three.

Pretty sweet idea, right? Well also in the 9th grade I started working out and playing sports. You know what all my coaches, gym buddies, and even exercise machines would do before I would start a workout. 3-2-1…GO!! Which has gotten insanely popular with the CrossFit community.Whether you count up or down from 3 it is the three count itself that we are the end of, The End of Three.

Well the term applied in fitness too and even more so than with a band. When I was looking to start this blog with my DIY projects I was at a loss for a good name. My wife knew of my love for the term “end of three” which I told her about years ago, so when I asked “What do you think a good name will be?” she recommended End of Three Fitness. I didn’t hesitate and here we are.