The Ultimate WOD Log


The last log you will ever need! 


No monthly fees, logins or passwords. Just no-nonsense tracking with a no-nonsense log.


PRs, max lifts, benchmarks WODs, nutrition…the list goes on and on. You are doing everything you are suppose to and you know you are getting healthier and better, but what are you doing with all of these numbers?

Hey Guys! It’s Jerred from End of Three Fitness. I just wanted to share with you a project I have been working on for months. It has really helped me progress in CrossFit quickly. Everything I have learned, I have taught myself, so The Ultimate WOD Log follows simple principles that make keeping track of your training easy and quick, so you can worry about the other stuff.

That is where I found myself about a year ago. I felt like I was doing everything right but I was benchmarking myself incorrectly. I was going off the feeling that I was getting better as opposed to the numbers. I started to look into ways to track my progress. What I found was a bunch of half put together excel spreadsheets that didn’t really do that much, or websites that wanted to charge me a monthly fee to keep track of my workouts. I’d rather go pencil and paper than have to pay every single month for my fitness.

The Ultimate WOD Log

The Ultimate WOD Log is a simple and very effective Microsoft Excel based program that helps you become a better CrossFitter. There are tons of features packed into this thing that you can read about or even watch on YouTube below. This tool was designed by a CrossFitter for CrossFitters. I know what I wanted and I tried my best to make sure it was something the community would love. I hope you will enjoy The Ultimate WOD Log as much as I do – it has really changed my training.

The Log:

  • Save your time – log quickly and forget about it.
  • Be more well rounded – Keep track of your metrics and become a more well-rounded CrossFitter.
  • Be healthier – by having the log hold you accountable on your diet.
  • Meet your goals – keep track of your goals and know where you are headed.
  • Get stronger – calculate volume for lifting and keep track of PRs, or even do the Wendler strength program.
  • Get faster – by tracking your endurance metrics.
  • Be the master of training yourself!!
When tested this product thoroughly. When we asked our product testers, “How much would you pay for this product?”, we got answers ranging from $15 all the way to $30…
You will need Microsoft Excel for this product.
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John Bric at The RX Review – Prescribed CrossFit News says,

Having used The Ultimate WOD Log for the past few weeks, I have actually grown to love it. Not only is it a great way to track your results and follow your diet, it also has a number of great features which I use almost every day. Whether it be a simple conversion from pounds to kilo’s, or finding out a new workout I can try, The WOD Log is just as much an information source as it is a log book.

You can read his full review here.

You can watch The Ultimate WOD Log in action!

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So what exactly does this thing do? It has about as many features as a Swiss Army Knife – so let’s get down to business.


  • Keep track of dates and results of ALL and ANY type of WOD.
  • Easily select a CrossFit Girl or Hero WOD and have it auto-populate in the “Benchmark” portion.
  • Enter any workout you can possibly imagine in the “Manual WOD entry”
  • Enter in custom strength workouts and it will calculate the volume for that days workout! A valuable strength training tool!
  • Enter in custom endurance workouts to keep track of running, swimming, or rowing.


  • Benchmark WOD Metrics (Totals: how many performed, performed for rounds, performed for reps, performed for time)
  • Manual WOD Metrics (Totals: how many performed, performed for rounds, performed for reps, performed for time)
  • Strength and Endurance Metrics (total strength exercises performed/total weight lifted of all strength exercises/total endurance exercises performed/total duration of all endurance exercises/total distance of all endurance exercises
  • Nutrition Metrics (Averages Totals: calories, fat, carb, and protein) and even shows a graph to show you how well your diet is in comparison to Paleo/Zone/and FDA recommendation.

Substitution Picker

  • Still working up to some of those CrossFit Movements?
  • Select the exercise you need a substitution for and it will give you the commonly accepted sub.

Master WOD List

  • You don’t have to use the WOD Log to view all the benchmark WODs in the database!
  • Just go to the Master WOD list and look at all the workouts provided.

Conversions Calculator

  • Quickly convert (LB:KG, KG:LB, MI:KM, or KM:MI)

Basic Strength Standards Calculator

  • Enter your weight on the Personal Data Sheet and this sheet will calculate basic strength standards.
  • Based off of your weight it tells you what your max should be in each lift to be considered “Untrained”, “Novice”, “Intermediate”, “Advanced” or “Elite”.

1, 3 and 5 Rep Max Calculator

  • Enter in how much weight you lifted and for how many reps and this calculator will give you an estimated 1 rep, 3 rep, and 5 rep max.

Wendler Strength Program Calculator

  • Enter in your maxes for the press squat, deadlift, and bench and it will calculate your 4 week wendler strength program.

PR Tracker

  • Easily keep track of you PRs for Benchmark WODs, Lifts, Exercises, and Monostructural exercises.
  • Selecet from a drop down list and then enter the PR. DONE!
  • This sheet is great for a quick reference of your PRs instead of having to scroll through previous workouts.

Nutrition Log

  • Keep an easy nutrition log!
  • You enter in the nutritional info and it will calculate your totals for calories, fat, protein, and carbs.
  • It will even compare your diet to Paleo, Zone, and FDA recommendations.

Personal Data Sheet

  • A quick and easy place to store some of your personal information. Keep track of your weight, body measurements, body fat, and even set a goal list.

CrossFit RSS

  • Simply refresh RSS page and it will show you all the workouts from the past week that are from
  • This make The Ultimate Wod Log a true one stop shop.
You will need Microsoft Excel for this product.
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Is The Ultimate WOD Log for me?

The Ultimate WOD Log is a simple and very effective Microsoft Excel based program that helps you become a better CrossFitter. That’s it! If you are looking to ‘challenge a virtual friend’ or show off your latest workout to your facebook friends – it’s probably not for you.

Start to improve your training today!

Alright guys, are you convinced :) ? The Ultimate WOD Log is very straight forward. I am not hiding behind fancy sales tricks or gimmicks. I have listed every single feature and even provided a video where you could watch it all in action. By now you should know that this product is truly designed for CrossFitters. If you want to improve your training and actually start tracking what matters you should get this product. Simply click the add to cart button and the rest will be history – and so will inefficient training.

The Ultimate WOD Log is only $5.95

Try it Risk Free!

I know, I know…You don’t know me and I don’t know you, and buying things from random guys from the internet can be scary. Also, you may not fully know if this product is for you. No worries, if you try this product out for 14 days and find out it just isn’t for you, just shoot me an email and you will be issued a refund same day. Now what’s your excuse!? You want better training and logging, this is the product for you. I am convinced that if you try it you will love it, so give it a try.



If you are a CrossFit gym who wants customization just contact me. This product will truly improve your training, for less than the cost of a lunch or even some drinks at Starbucks. Let The Ultimate WOD Log change your training today!