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I’ve either used it or owned it and now I recommend it.
  • After BREAKING a barbell purchased as the “economy” option from a local sporting goods store I realized a bar is something you don’t want to cut corners on.

Rouge Beater Bar – A very affordable option that will last, and take a beating. It even has a one year guarantee.
The Rouge Bar – The legendary Rouge Bar is used around the world by CrossFit affiliates and gym owners. It is probably the best bar you can get for the price before you start getting into the really expensive Olympic lifting bars. It still has a lot of the Olympic lifting bar qualities.
  • I really cannot recommend a speed rope enough. It will be easier on your shoulders and make you quicker at double unders. These are great conditioning tools and Rouge has two great options.

Rope as Rx – This is a great rope and almost has a custom fit to your size. If you buy make sure you watching the sizing video. Because it only comes in the one length so you will have to live with it. But if you get the right size it is amazing!
Ultra Speed Cable Jump Ropes – A very affordable, fast, and adjustable length jump rope. This rope will me all your needs.
  • Other things that hang…

Climbing Ropes – I really like Rouges climbing rope because of how simply it can be setup. It has the eyelet opening that is easily thrown around a tree limb or anything else you want to climb. A very awesome product.
Rouge Rings – I am a big fan of the rings by Rouge. Their wooden ones are awesome. I have just recently used their “competition straps” and I am very impressed with how they work.