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Hey guys! My name is Jerred Moon, and you have stumbled across the best fitness website ever created…seriously. If you found this page, you are looking to join The Revolution, but is End of Three Fitness for you? 

You can read 7 Reasons to Subscribe to Eo3 HERE or Read the 8 Rules of The Revolution Below to find out.

Here are some rules that help explain what we are all about and what we are doing; if you like what you see, we would be glad to have you as a part of End of Three Fitness.

Rule #1: We take care of our own

To prove rule #1 I would like to give you three free eBooks, or as I like to call them, “The Revolution Starter Kit”.

    • 7-Day Jump Start – to get you ramped up.
    • 14 Days to Fitness Freedom: The Garage Gym – If you are looking to take fitness to the home-front
    • 21 Days to Reinvent Your(FIT)Self – To help you get started with the revolution!

Become a better human
Learn ways to make this stuff actually work
Be a fitness nonconformist

Rule #2: Always strive to be a better human

You weren’t put on this earth just to take up space. You’re here to be the best version of yourself that you can be. In the End of Three Fitness Revolution we do not try to be better humans, we strive to be better humans. The commitment: Today, we are better than we were yesterday, and tomorrow, we will be better than we are today. Here, starting a better human quest, reading about nonconformity guides and unconventional fitness warfare tactics are all a part of the daily revolution.

Rule #3: We put the fun back in FUNctional Fitness

The term ‘Functional Fitness’ has become a buzzword these days…and it’s rather annoying. Jillian Michaels putting out a new DVD that involves high intensity circuit training and a kettlebell does not equal functional fitness. At End of Three Fitness, we don’t want a DVD that will make us better at…the DVD. We want fitness that is ready for anything and everything at anytime. We believe in, or stress, the practical application of fitness. It is not uncommon to see Eo3 members training for the zombie apocalypse or how to be a vampire slayer…you may also see us using some unconventional fitness machines to up or functional work capacity. If you would rather carry a 50 lb. sandbag to the end of the street and back, or drag a tire a few hundred yards, as opposed to staring at a wall (or TV) while on a treadmill, then End of three Fitness is for you!

Rule #4: If you build it…they will come

End of Three Fitness was founded on the simple principle that elite fitness does not need to come with high-priced gym equipment or memberships. If we want something, we build it, if it can’t be built…then we might buy it…or try building it again. Ask a Navy SEAL how much the calf raise machine has helped him succeed as a special operator…A barbell, some weight, a few tools and a little creativity can and will get you in the best shape of your life.

Rule #76 (5): No excuses, play like champion!

It’s pretty simple. You are either the person that makes excuses, or you are the person that plays like a champion. If your opponent trips you before the race starts and nobody saw it…you can tell whomever you want…but it doesn’t change the fact that you are getting beat!  Get up, run faster and play like a champion! You’ll never have it easy and sometimes you’ll think you can’t be fit, and there will always be the holidays, work will always be busy and…..No excuses, play like a champion!

Rule #6: We eat like cavemen (most of the time)

Believe it or not, our highly technologically advanced society with our genetically modified food…is killing us. Our society eats about 140 MORE pounds of sugar each year than we did 200 years ago! Inflammation is killing us all; diabetes, cancer and obesity are at all time highs.

Eat like a caveman base your diet on garden vegetables, lean meats, nuts and seeds, little starch, and limit sugar to occasional fruit. So how is your diet? Here at End of Three Fitness, we provide tools to analyze your diet, some education to assist and even some recipes & more education to help.

I say we eat like cavemen most of the time. No body is perfect! Cheat meals only make you human and the occasional beer with friends doesn’t need to be passed up for the sake of discipline.

Rule #7: Workouts will go on as long as they have to

While we don’t believe in punishing yourself senselessly everyday, we do believe in having the mental toughness to endure. If you start a workout, you finish a workout. We strive not only to be better humans, but also to never be mediocre, we eliminate what stands in our way and always press on.

What I mean by mental toughness – You and I both know there is point everyday either in a workout, at work, or in your daily life where you mind says, “let’s stop here”. We go further every time our brains says this – in every aspect of our lives.

Rule #8: If this is your first day at Eo3, you have to sweat

Is this your first time at End of Three Fitness? I would like to respectfully ask you to get out of your chair, off your couch or off your butt and do the following sequence as fast as you possibly can.

  • 10 burpees
  • 50 push-ups
  • 10 burpees
  • 50 sit-ups
  • 10 burpess
  • 50 squats

Sweating yet?

Welcome to the Revolution!

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If you are ready to get serious about your fitness and health and you want to be a part of the revolution…what’s stopping you?

If you are ready to get the train moving and help get this revolution off the ground, join us!

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  • Become a better human
  • Learn ways to make this stuff actually work
  • Be a fitness nonconformist