Got your members only jacket?

Yes, that, in fact, is a picture of an old school members only jacket! And you can now put one on!

Finally, more for The Revolution!

Hey all! I have been toying with a “members only area” for End of Three Fitness for a long time, but I just didn’t know how to go about it. Well, I got it all figured out and it is actually quite simple. If you are already an email subscriber you should have gotten an email with the link to the members area and the password to access it.

If you are not an email subscriber, you can sign up and you will be provided the link and the password to the members area (see email signup box to your right).

To access it further you can just hover over the community link above and click on “members area”, after you have entered the password your computer should remember it until you clear your cookies.

What’s in the members area?

Introducing the 7-Day Jump Start

A new free guide to members of the revolution!

Since I started End of Three Fitness I have been in contact with hundreds of people. Some are looking to break into the fitness world, and others have been training for years and are now looking for a new way to go about it. I welcome all! I wrote this quick 7-Day Jump Start Guide for all, beginner or advanced, it may be time for you to get a little more organized. Each day has valuable information to think about and reflect upon. After each day is a simple task, a task that you can definitely do in one day. It is meant to get you on the right track, to JUMP START you a little bit.

Do work!

21 Days to Reinvent Your(FIT)Self Series

…turned into an eBook

Many of you may remember the popular series 21 Days to Reinvent Your(FIT)Self, well, I have turned it into an eBook where you don’t have to click through to find the series and it is all in one place. This will provide easy access for new members as well.

From the series:

I have been thinking a lot lately about how to better serve you (my readers). I try to put together fun, entertaining and useful posts, but something I haven’t focused on is laying a good foundation. It seems a little backwards, but now I want to help some of you lay a good foundation. Some of you already have a great foundation and some of you need some help, either way I have put something rather simple together to help you.

In the next 21 days you will learn and do a lot, but this is just the beginning. Look at it as the Eo3 jumpstart. Over the next three weeks you will be asked to perform some fairly simple tasks each day for 21 days. The format for each of the seven days in each week will be Read something, Watch something, Do Something, Understand something, Start something, Question Something and Test something. Now you know what you’re up against – Let’s get started!

14 Days to Fitness Freedom: The Garage Gym

Of course you all know this one! The original Eo3 eBook. Now you have a place to easily access the book over and over.

I found myself fed up with “globo gyms”, inexperienced trainers, and roid monkeys a few years ago. I decided to start my own gym, a garage gym. I struggled to find good information on creating a garage gym, especially because I wanted to save as much money as possible and build as much as I could. What ended up happening? I have built just about everything. While building or buying comes down to your own personal situation, they are both viable options.

What’s in the guide?

  • 35 pages on everything you need to get a garage gym started.
  • 14 days of projects and assignments to get a garage gym up and running.
  • Quick tips to train yourself.
  • 8 Garage Gym DIY Projects.
  • Other great garage gym information.

Anything else?

Also in the members area there will be discounts either on products I offer or any deals relating to fitness around the web that I find. On top of that there will be special announcements.


I have two more FREE eBooks/guides on the way:

  • Bodyweight Workout Guide
  • Recipe eBook

Hopefully you all enjoy the new and old content! I look forward to putting more out there as time goes on.

Thanks for reading and thanks for being a member!

The Revolution will not be televised!!


P.S. Let me know if you have any questions!