How Evernote Makes You a Better Human

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Evernote is the single most helpful fitness tracking tool in existence. There I said it.

Step aside fitness tracking apps, pedometers and calorie counters. None of them hold a candle to Evernote. If you’ve been hanging around End of Three Fitness for awhile, you know I have a slight obsession with Evernote. Ok, obsession is a strong word, but I really, really like it.

In fact, once upon a time, I wrote an article called, “How to use Evernote to dominate your fitness“, which shows you how Evernote can be a very powerful tool for keeping track of your fitness. Most of that article still stands true, but Evernote has evolved as has how you can use it for fitness.

Especially here at End of Three Fitness…let me explain a few new amazing ways Evernote can help you continue to dominate your fitness. But before we move on, if you have no clue what Evernote is, please watch this video.

Shared Notebooks (FREE Eo3Fit Fitness Programs)

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There have been a lot of changes at End of Three Fit (our daily training site), and with those new changes comes new programs.

Today, I would like to introduce “EO3 Foundations”, our foundational strength and conditioning program. With the new End of Three Fit came new standards, and this program is designed to help you find where you are at in our standards AND simultaneously build you up to the overall Better Human which we are all after.

This program, as well as other Eo3Fit training programs will be hosted in shared Evernote notebooks. You don’t HAVE to have Evernote to view the notebook/program, but if you do have Evernote you can join the notebook – then you can have it on your tablet, phone, computer, etc.

These shared notebooks are better than PDFs because I can constantly, and easily, update them if needed.

Shared notebooks, free programs, Evernote is already awesome, right?

*This new FREE strength and conditioning program is only available to Eo3 Nation (email subscribers) – Don’t worry, it’s free to join. JOIN THE REVOLUTION

Next, nutrition.


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This is a tip/app I highlight in Day 18, “Grocery Game Plan” of the Mental Toughness Militia Nutrition Program, but would also like to share here.

It is a great tip if you like technology/Evernote (if that’s not you, pen and paper will never fail).

While I love all you Android users out there, at the time of writing this, this option is only usable for the iPhone…SORRY. To make up for it, I will say, Evernote Food is a great app for Android and Apple that is still really cool.

But the GroceryTrip App can be a HUGE help for shopping. I would give a full tutorial, but this video explains it all:

Here are the highlights:

  • Put a recipe (any recipe) in Evernote
  • Tag it with “grocerytrip”
  • It will auto populate a grocery list for you on your phone
  • AND it breaks the list down by grocery isle

I have used this app more than a few times, and it is amazing. Unfortunately, the app does cost money, but after you use it one time it has already paid for itself in how much time it will save you.  I don’t normally suggest apps because most of the time it takes more time to use the app than it would to just write out a list, but that is not the case with this app.

I can seriously plan out an entire grocery trip and week’s worth of food in a few minutes with an itemized list sorted by grocery isle. Pretty amazing and helpful.

Evernote Webclipper

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The web clipper is probably the most used Evernote tool, for me. It is how I compile research, save PDFs, take screen shots and much more.

You may be asking yourself…how could this be helpful in fitness?

End of Three Fitness Example

  • Maybe you are finally looking to take the plunge on that Garage Gym and you want to use one of the handy DIY tutorials at the End of Three Fitness DIY Corner. Well, now you can save all of those projects in Evernote with just a few clicks and you can now reference them later without having to find it on End of Three Fitness.

Training Resources

  • Another example is something I have found very helpful. Evernote can store PDFs, and these PDFs can even become searchable text. That’s why I keep all of my favorite training resource PDFs in Evernote where I can easily reference them later; like Science and Practice of Strength, Westside Barbell Book of methods, etc.

That is just the beginning. You can clip recipes, workouts, articles and any other helpful fitness information.

Other great Evernote Features

Evernote can be used in a myriad of different ways, and certainly not just for fitness. It is just a great application with a lot of great features. Here are a few more quick fitness ideas for Evernote:

  • Permanent place for tracking PRs and Benchmarks
  • Store before and after photos
  • Make your own recipe book
  • Take a picture of your whiteboard (handwriting is searchable in Evernote)
  • Use their Post-it Note camera to easily organize workouts
  • Use IFTTT to get Eo3Fit WODs automatically posed in your Evernote

Alright, that’s all I got (for now)…

What else???

How do you use Evernote? What did I miss? Add it to the comments! 


Disclaimer – I feel I have to throw out the disclaimer that I get absolutely NOTHING for writing about Evernote. I honestly just feel it is a great tool that you can benefit from.


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  • Eddy

    can’t seem to get EO3 WOD’s on evernote?

    • Jerred

      Through IFTTT?

  • Claude

    Please let us know when the Android option is available. Thanks Jarred!