Ever Struggle with Motivation? The Mental Toughness Militia is here.

COVER HIGHRES Ever Struggle with Motivation? The Mental Toughness Militia is here.

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Do you ever struggle with motivation? Intensity? Nutrition?

You know what doesn’t help, or at least last?

  • An inspiring quote
  • An amp-you-up YouTube Video
  • New workout clothes
  • A great playlist

All that stuff is good for about 15 minutes, then you are back to what health and fitness really are…CHALLENGING!

Why do conventional fitness products and programs all try to hide behind this fact, the fact that it is tough to juggle everything we juggle on a daily basis and still incorporate a high-level of fitness into our lives, not to mention maintaing a healthy diet.

Then, when you do workout you may feel like you are just going through the motions or not TRULY brining intensity to your workouts. Working out will always be better than not working out, but if you can’t learn to turn on intensity and keep it there…you are just an average gym-drone. Never really progressing to the next level, or really, any level other than ‘maintenance’.

The secret (as if there is some actual secret…):


Mental toughness has more weight in life than talent and intelligence, in fact, research says your intelligence only accounts for about 30% of your achievement, at most. Likewise,  research done at Ivy League schools says mental toughness will equate to a high GPA rather than an SAT score, AND will determine who will end up with a high level of education.

Having mental toughness leads to the achievement of your goals in fitness, at work and in life. The research is being done at military academies, on athletes and the average joe and it all says…Metal Toughness is the most important factor to getting what you want.

And all of that is good news because you CAN improve your mental toughness!

But how?

How do we build Mental Toughness?

That is a question I had about a year ago which led me to interviewing top experts in psychology, professional athletes, and military special operations. It also got me reading 1,000’s of pages on self-determination, motivation and intensity.

I put countless hours of research, coaching and sweating in for this one…But I think I have got the answer….finally.

Want to know what it is?

Check out the Mental Toughness Militia ——————–>

I really appreciate you reading this post and checking out the Mental Toughness Militia! I do most of my work for free and do not accept donations nor do I allow advertisements on End of Three Fitness, so I would really like the Mental Toughness Militia to do well. If you have been waiting to get the Mental Toughness Militia, now is the best time.

If you are new here, or have no interest in this product, no worries….I only release a product about ONCE A YEAR, the rest of the year I am plugging away at making this site better for you. So if you don’t want to purchase today or ever, that is completely okay.


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    This sit is like seriously soooooooo coool. I can’t atart my day without reading an article from this site. Besides crossfit, this site is the only reason why I wake up in the morning.

  • Strongbish

    I never struggle with motivation. I mean my GOD people that’s why we do crossfit. I used to go to stupid globo gym but like no one supports me. I mean come on why do people get mad at me at globo gym for doing clean and jerks without bumper plates I mean come on!!!!!

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