End of Three Fitness 50,000lb 1-Day Challenge

The Revolution must go on!! Hey guys it is time to start knocking off some of those challenges from the revolution page. This one is going to be fun!

How many of you remember “The Garage Gym WOD Challenge!!”?? Well, this one is not quite as challenging  😉 But it will definitely challenge you!!

The Challenge

  • You have nine mandatory exercises in which you must complete 30/50 (male/female) repetitions. You add up all of the weight lifted (weight x reps) and see where you are at towards the goal of 50,000 total pounds lifted.
  • If you made it nine exercises alone you are amazing. But for the rest of us…you have…
  • “The Finisher” the finisher is three different exercises; Kettlebell Swing, Wall Ball Shots and Burpee Box Jumps. You can divide up the weights and reps in between the three finisher exercises or just pick one till you get to 50,000 total pounds lifted.

I know what you are saying….Jerred, that’s a lot of math!

No worries! I created a simple excel document that does all the work for you! Here is a screen shot.

Click here or on the picture to download he Male version. 

Click here for the female version

Let’s Break it Down: The Rules

  • 9  mandatory exercises: squat, bench, press, deadlift, thruster, snatch, power clean, overhead squat, pull-ups.
  • 30/50 mandatory repetitions of the 9 mandatory exercises above.
  • Once you have completed the 9 mandatory exercises you move on to “The Finisher”
  • You can break up the finisher any way you choose (weight/reps)
  • You can do all finisher exercises, just two, or only one.
  • You must complete all mandatory exercises and the finisher in a 24 hr. time period.
  • For pull-ups and burpee box jumps enter your bodyweight as the weight.
  • Once your total equals 50,000 lbs. you have completed the challenge!!

***Before you embark on any physical fitness program or challenge, please consult a doctor.***

Going to give it a try? Let me know how it goes! Either here in the comments or in The Rally Point


  • Misty

    oh…my…goodness…I just put my doable numbers into that calculator to see what exactly id have to accomplish…lol there is no way I’d get al that done in one day…not yet anyways. What would really help is if i weighed a little bit more or a lot more, it would help me a lot on knocking weight off on 30 pullups…after all the 9 lifts were done, id still have to do 202 KBS, 50 WB and 73 burpee box jumps, that in itself would probably destroy me 😛

    • Jerred

      Haha wow. Well do you think there should be an adjusted amount for females? Maybe allow more reps to still get to 50,000 lbs. What do you think?

      • Misty

        if you raised the reps to 50 instead of 30 my weights used for the 9 movements are not as much of a stretch for me to accomplish (not easy but doable) as i would have needed in 30 reps and my leftover pounds to for “the finishers” are a lot more reasonable. This would still be a incredibly brutal workout, but if you want females to get all 50,000lbs then i’d say (well for me at least) I’d need 50 reps instead of 30.

        • Jerred

          I want to make it possible for everyone, and bodyweight is a huge disadvantage for females. The post has been updated. 30 reps for male and 50 reps for females. I also added a new link for the female version calculator. Let me know if you give it a try :)

  • Spencer Snodgrass

    Well, I made it through the first half this morning totaling 25,950 pounds. I’m pretty beat, but I’ll complete it tonight and update with my total pounds. The only way to do this is break it up into 2 workouts. (well for me at least)

    • Jerred

      THAT IS AWESOME!! You may very well be the first person on the planet to complete the challenge. I am going to do it later this week and try to film it, but it depends on how long it will take lol…

      Let me know how you finish!!

      • Spencer Snodgrass

        Well this one is a BEAST for sure. It’s not even close to the garage gym challenge that you have on here, but still pretty tough. I think I could have powered through this morning and done it but, I think breaking it into 2 workouts motivated me on the first leg. GREAT stuff man! Keep em comin!!!

        • Jerred

          Thanks man! I have some more planned that I am working on. Trying to find a good balance of too difficult to too easy.

      • Spencer Snodgrass

        Oh and by the way I almost bought a go-pro helmet cam the other day… How awesome would it be to film the workout from a first person point of view???

        • Jerred

          I have come very close to getting a go pro camera a few times just for that reason!! Haha it would be really cool.

  • Spencer Snodgrass

    COMPLETE!!!! I’m sooooooo happy that’s over with! Haha it feels good to have that one under my belt. I never thought that my weight (220 lbs) would help me bc BW movements like pull ups always hurt my times (my Fran time is garbage) but in this challenge I got to use that 220 for my pull ups and Burpees box jumps so hey it worked out!

    • Jerred

      That is awesome!! Congrats man! 50K in 24hrs, nice work.

  • http://www.messerfit.com Collin Messer

    Only one question, do you have to the the 30 reps of an exercise all in one set? I’m assuming so, and will attempt it as so.

    • Jerred

      I didn’t specify, so your choice!

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  • Jorden

    Just competed the 50,000 pound challenge with out having to do the finisher. One of the most rewarding workouts I’ve done. I’m pretty wore out, don’t know how I’m gonna feel tomorrow though. Waiting for my whiny workout partner to finish thrusters and burpees…

    • http://endofthreefitness.com/ Jerred

      Congrats! That’s awesome!


    I’m the whiney partner. 5’6″ 153lbs.guy. finished in 11 hours straight through with 90 burpees. My partner finished in 8. Thanks Jerred by far one of the the best workouts to find out what kind of individual you are. Just grinding and gritting it out is insightful to what we are capable of. We talked about doing it yearly and my goal is obviously reducing the burpees under 50 for next year, if we choose to do so. LOL. No joke not in as much pain as I thought I would be today, but tomorrow may be a very different story. We also used your shirt trophy idea for a reward, I’ll prolly wear that thing like every three days!