Crush Your Training Week with 3 Simple (tiny) Habits

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Can I let you in on a little secret?  You’re not a superhero! Even the people who you may see as superheroes (professional athletes, successful entrepreneurs, etc.) aren’t superheroes. “Superheroes” are a product of the habits, rituals and routines they have developed through years of practice and application. We all have busy brains and the same […]

“Roxanne” Fixes a Top Training Mistake (Your Warm Up)


There are common pitfalls you can fall into with any training routine, either as a newbie or a veteran. I have found if you identify these pitfalls early and do something about it, you will be training at a whole new level you never thought possible. So let’s identify a crucial training mistake you may […]

6 Lessons Learned from Lance Armstrong

Lance Armstrong

I try not to dabble too much in current events, cause that’s not what End of Three Fitness is all about. We don’t do news. We do better humans! However, I feel that Mr. Lance Armstrong’s recent bout of honesty leaves us with some valuable lessons to be learned. Sometimes learning who and what to […]

Not Your Typical Holiday Fitness Message

Fitness Christmas

Don’t forget to have fun. Ever. If you haven’t noticed, End of Three Fitness is not like most other blogs out there. I try to write fun, interesting and helpful articles…that, I hope, in some way are making you and me better every day. The only real reason being, is that I was born with […]

Interrupting our regularly scheduled programming


I have a confession to make. I spent entirely way too much time hanging out with my amazing wife and son (that’s me and William above from yesterday), AND finalizing One Man One Barbell, that I do not have a great lengthy post to share with all you Eo3 Enders. But it’s ok! Let’s take […]