“Roxanne” Fixes a Top Training Mistake (Your Warm Up)


There are common pitfalls you can fall into with any training routine, either as a newbie or a veteran. I have found if you identify these pitfalls early and do something about it, you will be training at a whole new level you never thought possible. So let’s identify a crucial training mistake you may […]

6 Lessons Learned from Lance Armstrong

Lance Armstrong

I try not to dabble too much in current events, cause that’s not what End of Three Fitness is all about. We don’t do news. We do better humans! However, I feel that Mr. Lance Armstrong’s recent bout of honesty leaves us with some valuable lessons to be learned. Sometimes learning who and what to […]

Not Your Typical Holiday Fitness Message

Fitness Christmas

Don’t forget to have fun. Ever. If you haven’t noticed, End of Three Fitness is not like most other blogs out there. I try to write fun, interesting and helpful articles…that, I hope, in some way are making you and me better every day. The only real reason being, is that I was born with […]

Interrupting our regularly scheduled programming


I have a confession to make. I spent entirely way too much time hanging out with my amazing wife and son (that’s me and William above from yesterday), AND finalizing One Man One Barbell, that I do not have a great lengthy post to share with all you Eo3 Enders. But it’s ok! Let’s take […]

How to Survive The End of The World

How to survive the end of the world

We don’t have long now, right? The end of the world is coming, according to the Myans, December 21st 2012. Well, you are going to be incredibly happy that you are reading End of Three Fitness, about 1,300 of you now, three weeks before this all comes to a screeching halt. You may want to […]