Triple Unders: Your Brief Crazy Awesome Guide

Ever tried  triple unders? First, sorry for the ridiculously scary picture of the cats and doll jumping rope. It just seems to fit the “demeanor” of the triple under. Awhile back I wrote “A Ridiculously Awesome, yet brief, Guide to Double Unders“, and NEVER thought I would be writing, “Triple Unders: Your Brief Crazy Awesome Guide “. […]

Learn the Ultimate Biohack

Have you heard of biohacking? It’s all the rage, let me tell you… Biohacking, at one point in time, was a pretty serious blend of scientific, data-driven and biological experimentation to “hack” your biology for the better. Nowadays, everyone is a “biohacker”. A quick Google search and you will find some of the most popular […]

Get Strong Like Bigfoot: Strongman Training 101

Did you know Bigfoot, or a Sasquatch, has the reported ability to pick up, carry and throw a full 50-gallon drum of diesel fuel (450 lbs), tip over a commercial trailer, and throw basketball-sized rocks in a high arc to discourage intruders? I am convinced that Bigfoot regularly participates in strongman training. To bigfoot, it […]

What Popcorn Can Teach You About Fitness

What if I told you popcorn can teach you the secret to mastering fitness? You’d say I was wrong, and you’d be right :)…BUT popcorn may just be able to help you find the perfect balance of life and fitness you have been looking for. At End of Three Fitness, we have talked about making […]

How to Become the Swiss Army Knife of Fitness

Can we all agree on one simple fact? The fact that Swiss Army Knives are freaking awesome! I mean they can do anything and everything. Need to cut yourself free from a net, there’s a blade for that. Need to tighten up the bolts on your car, there’s a tool for that. Need to pick […]

The Missing Element in your Strength Program

Strength is the key to everything. Seriously. I’m putting on my fitness-nerd hat a little bit here today because, well, I haven’t in awhile. The more you dive into strength training and really dissect it, the more you realize that it is vital. It makes fast athletes faster, it can help you lose weight or […]

Please Stand Up, Sitting is Killing You.

Sitting is bad for you. Wait, too dramatic? How about…Sitting is killing you. Yep, this isn’t “new” news that can be discredited as the latest fad or health craze either. Nope, sitting is bad for you. It is well documented and serious. It seems like anything we do that is NOT like our paleolithic ancestors […]

A Ridiculously Awesome, yet brief, Guide to Mobility

Here’s another one! A ridiculously awesome, yet brief, guide. I don’t claim the whole “ridiculously awesome” thing too often, unless the article is deserving. Last time I did this was with this article:  A Ridiculously Awesome, Yet Brief, Guide to Double Unders So here is another attempt! *Clears throat* Let us begin. What is this […]

How to Do a Squat: A One-Year-Old Can Show You Up

Today, I want to talk about how to do a squat, rather, I want to teach you how to perform the perfect squat, because chances are…you are doing it wrong, and I don’t care if you can squat 600 lbs, your squat can still suck.  

I’ll be your coach for this “how to do a squat” clinic and my son, William (less than a year old), will provide a demonstration.  

Why you might ask?

Because he has the perfect squat!! I didn’t teach him how to do a squat. I didn’t spend hours working on his mobility. I don’t have to provide tactile feedback to put him in the right position.

Nope, none of that.

William, and most children, have a perfect squat. They are born that way. So what happened?? Somewhere along the way we de-programmed our perfect, natural, human movement. We stop moving the way we should, we stop stretching and we leave our muscles to fend for themselves.

Overtime, we end up with some pretty awful excuses, that we would like to call a “squat”. So let’s fix ourselves.

17 Easy Actions You Can Do Today to Set Yourself Up for a Fitter Tomorrow

Read about fitness, new exercises, great ideas or new programs. That’s all great, but none of that is YOU DOING fitness. 

​I write about fitness weekly, but nothing I write matters unless you get out there and do something!! Fitness is about focus. How long can you stick with something? But sometimes just getting started is half the battle. 

​It’s all baby steps. Take one small step, a little progress. Take another small step, a little more progress

​In the end you will have achieved all your goals…so long as you keep moving froward. Here are a few small steps you can do today, to get yourself ready for a fit-tomorrow. If you do some of these things, let me know by adding to the comments. If you have your own ideas or suggestions for others, add that to the comments too. I would love to hear about it!