Build Grit and Lungs with Breathing Ladders

breathing ladder, breathing ladders

How do Navy SEALs, fighter pilots and brain surgeons keep their cool? These people are often in situations where there is a level of uncertainty, their heart rates are jacked and their minds are racing at light speed. To lose their cool would be, well, a really bad thing… To answer the question, they keep their […]

Taking Your Strength from Toyota to Lamborghini


If you had the choice to cruise around in a Lamborghini or Toyota, which would you pick? Ok, forget economical, forget speed limits, forget price…What if all you had to do to get the Lamborghini was focus on how well you drive it, and the rest of that stuff didn’t matter? What about in strength? […]

5 Subtle Ways to Dramatically Improve Bodyweight Movements (Like Chuck Norris)

push up

How many push-ups can you do? How about pull-ups? What about sit-ups, squats or dips? You’re not Chuck Norris, so your answer can’t be “All of them”. Whatever your number is, I’m sure you want to be able to do more, but if bodyweight movements aren’t regularly practiced then the skill and strength will fade… And, […]

Triple Unders: Your Brief Crazy Awesome Guide

triple unders

Ever tried  triple unders? First, sorry for the ridiculously scary picture of the cats and doll jumping rope. It just seems to fit the “demeanor” of the triple under. Awhile back I wrote “A Ridiculously Awesome, yet brief, Guide to Double Unders“, and NEVER thought I would be writing, “Triple Unders: Your Brief Crazy Awesome Guide “. […]

Learn the Ultimate Biohack


Have you heard of biohacking? It’s all the rage, let me tell you… Biohacking, at one point in time, was a pretty serious blend of scientific, data-driven and biological experimentation to “hack” your biology for the better. Nowadays, everyone is a “biohacker”. A quick Google search and you will find some of the most popular […]