An Unorthodox Supplement List

Supplements, supplements, supplements…

Which ones do you take? Should I take supplements? Do I need supplements? Will this supplement kill me?

Trust me, I’ve been there. I come from a background of taking supplements. In the bodybuilding world (my background long ago) supplements are not really a matter of, should I?, but more of, which ones?.

The real reason I took so many supplements and put terrible things into my body was a.) I was naive and b.) I cared more about results and not really health. A young and dumb direction…and I am extremely happy, and fortunate, that I corrected myself a few years ago.

Always remember why you train. Sure you want to get strong or be able to do cool things, but at the end of the day it really comes down to health. That is why I try my best to stay away from the other side of the fitness world – the vanity only side. The vanity only side will sacrifice life and limb, figuratively speaking of course, just to lose and extra pound of fat or gain an extra pound of muscle.

Nonetheless, I still get a good amount of emails asking me about new and cool supplements, whether or not they should be taken, and some ask what supplements I take.

While I was anti-supplements for a good while, I now know that proper research can lead to a good and healthy supplement list. I call this the “Unorthodox Supplement List” because my selections are primarily health and recovery related. No pre-workouts supplements, no fat loss supplements or muscle milk. I try to stick with food for the most part, and if I am lacking I turn to supplementation.

The Unorthodox Supplement List

***Disclaimer*** I am not a doctor (duh)! This is what I take and the reasoning behind it. If you want to take something based off of this post, maybe you should check with your doc.

Fish Oil

Some reasons why:

Educate yourself further:

My why:

Reduced inflammation and increase blood flow!! I train a lot, 2-3 times a day, 5-6 days a week and at this point I feel like I absolutely could not live without fish oil. Fish oil allows me to train harder and recover more easily. That is the only real reason I take it. However, if you just glance at the list above you will realize there a lot of reasons to take fish oil. It goes far beyond an athlete trying to improve training. Personally, I think everyone should be on some sort of fish oil.


Carlson The Very Finest Fish Oil Liquid Omega-3

Vitamin C

Vitamin supplementation is controversial for many reasons, but I feel like either side cannot be proven right or wrong and I have done my research and made my decision – you make yours.

Some reasons why:

  • Can help with stress, colds, strokes and skin aging
  • Reduces inflammation
  • Reduce the risk of cancer and cardiovascular disease.
  • Positive effects on recovery time

Educate yourself further:

My why:

Increased recovery and overall health! I take a multivitamin that has Vitamin C in it, so I do not overdo it with excess Vitamin C supplementation. However, I do take Vitamin C beyond my multivitamin so I that is why I list it here. I don’t like to get sick and I enjoy speedy recovery.


Vitafusion Power C, Gummy Vitamins For Adults, 150-Count


I have developed a good relationship with the founder of this company, Rowan Minnion, and I truly believe in him and the purity of the product he is offering. This is the only other supplement out there that I will take and you cannot find it at GNC. Also, if interested use code ENDOFTHREE for a 10% discount.

Some reasons why:

  • HMB and Creatine are two of the most researched sports supplement ingredients on the market
  • Reduces muscle damage
  • Quicker recovery
  • Improved performance
  • Increases both muscle mass and strength
  • Clinical studies performed HMB and Creatine are safe

Educate yourself further:

My why:

  1. HMB works for me – I took Advocare’s version of HMB in the product, Muscle Strength, for over a year (a few years back) so when I ran into Blonyx I did not need any convincing on whether or not HMB worked. It works, for me, extremely well. I have spoken with others who feel HMB does not work for them.
  2. Canadian supplements – Canadian supplements are not as easily sold in Canada as they are America. In America I could have a supplement company within 24 hours and nobody would need to check my formula or process. Like pharmaceuticals, Blonyx products are proven to be safe and to work in scientific studies. They are even manufactured in facilities accredited by the FDA for pharmaceutical manufacturing.
  3. Purity – Blonyx products are sold in the same form that scientists have tested and athletes have used. This is a form without sweeteners or preservatives as they may influence the product’s effectiveness.

That’s it….well…

I also take a multivitamin, but my reasoning is not as fitness related as it is overall health.

What about Protein!?!?

Sometimes protein, and only sometimes, but I covered that in-depth a few months back in “The Quest to a Better Protein Supplement

Got any supplements worth taking a look at?? Would love to hear your thoughts!

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  • Tony

    Huge fan of your site and have utilized your DIY stuff quite a bit…left a comment on the medicine ball but never got a response back..just ended up leaving it how it was….I work at GNC so your article is interesting…I agree with you 100% on the fish oil…EPA and DHA are crucial in the correct dosages…the rest of it is debatable depending on which side of the line your standing on…its your site so you should be pushing your friends product…look forward to your next article…ps i don’t know what happened with stars…i was trying to rate it well not negative

    • Jerred

      Hey Tony glad you like the DIY stuff! Sorry I missed your comment. I am normally very good about responding to all those. After this one I will go back to the wall ball to give you a response.

      Any articles I write on supplementation normally get some sort of debate going – from a GNC employee I could see that.

      However, even though it is my site I am not pushing products because it is a friends product. I truly like the product and the results and that is the only reason.

      • Tony

        Thats cool man…I am just still up in the air about HMB and whether you get any true results from its supplementation…there are a ton of studies out there but a lot of them are from companies like mine that pay and fund the research…my wife works for the company that owns EAS and Juven,which contained HMB, and was big in the bodybuilding circuits way back when it first came out but then kind of faded out….i’ve checked out the Blonyx website and I’m all about pushing what you believe in..that’s why I like your site even though you get hated on sometimes….your articles on crossfit are great and I’ve used them a lot…just got speed ropes in the other day but double unders are still quite elusive for my wife and I….I named my garage gym..One Day At A Time because that’s the approach we are taking with are introduction to the crossfit world and paleo eating….

        • Paul Smith

          What would be your issue with Pre workout supps? Some a no calorie –

          • Tony

            dealing with pre workouts and all of their gimmicks on a daily basis has made me biased I guess…I had gotten to a point where i had to have a set regiment of supps to have a “good” workout which as it turns out was really a mediocre workout at best…the whole being ready for fitness at anytime and any routine thing has led me away from taking a pre workout because i vary my routine and times of workout constantly…now that I don’t use them I don’t miss them or feel the need for them…the bottom line is that they really aren’t an essential part of any supplement regiment at all…they are just marketed that way…my store carries at least 30 different types and I have tried them all..its all just the flavor of the month and who can package the best to sell the most….bogus

          • Paul Smith

            Oh I definitely get the ‘gimmick’ part. I’m sure the ones I’ve taken aren’t going to make me a fitness superstar. I generally still take one pre-workout – only for the sake of (the ones I’ve tried) having zero calories. They seem to do a decent job of keeping me going. As much as I hate to admit it – the taste of a few of them are excellent. I see many people sucking down a 32oz. gatorade prior to cardio and have to wonder if they realize they will need to do cardio at least an hour before breaking even calorie-wise :)

            I will say – there are two out there I’ve tried – that definitely have something in them – as they’ve (literally) made me sick to my stomach during a workout.

    • Jerred

      Hey Tony I just tried to respond but maybe something is going on. I will give it a bit and see if it is working then.