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Don't be Average…Be “Other”


The Other Guy is not average, he is a doer. If it can make him better, he’ll try it. If it’s too heavy, he’ll learn how to lift it. If it’s too far, he’ll still run to it. He will take on many challenges, is comfortable with the fact that things will never be perfect, and will go out knowing he was never average.

Life Happens.

Maybe you got stuck in a desk. Maybe your schedule got filled to the brim. Maybe you feel like an average life, for you, is like fitting a square peg into around hole.

Well, if you’re here there’s a good chance you would like to make some changes. You’d like to see how strong you can actually become, how fast you can truly run and how much better you can actually be.

That’s why End of Three Fitness is here!


Simple is Better

Anonymous quote: “If you chase two rabbits, both will escape”.

When I first heard that I said,“That person obviously didn’t train with EO3”. However, the concept is sound: FOCUS. That's what we do. We keep it simple and focused. Here's how:


Our Secret Weapon: A Single Barbell

We don't need, or use, a lot of fancy equipment here. A barbell is our best friend and is the key to achieving any fitness goal. Learning to wield it correctly will lead to unparalleled strength and conditioning.

Street Parking

No Excuses

Don't have a gym? Don't like your gym? It doesn't matter. I'll teach you how to build one. Whether you like the globo gym or CrossFit box...it's still ok to embrace street parking and build a garage gym.


Knowledge and Accountability

Once you join our community, you're in for life. Our FREE resources in the membership site are designed to make you better. Our community will make sure you don't slack off.

At End of Three Fitness, the goal is simple…

Become a Better Human

We aim to make you a better human by teaching fitness, keeping things simple and making you healthy. At the end of the day, we’re only here for you:


From building a power rack to fixing your brain, I've written 100's of articles all aimed at making you better

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Our membership site and podcast is where we are DOING rather than just talking. If you want action, here's a place to start.

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The Training

Proven Simplicity that packs a powerful punch. At our core we educate in order for you to surpass your goals

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Proven at Every Level of Fitness

Our programs have been tested at every level of fitness; from CrossFit competitors, U.S. Special Operations Forces, Average Joes and Stay-at-home moms, cyclists, 50K trail runners and more. Making them some of the only competition-faced, war-tested, life-proven and multi-sport used strength and conditioning programs in the world.

We don't measure our progress by shirtless selfies, instead we gauge it from the 100's of proven results and testimonials from our members.

3,000+ people from around the world have used EO3 programs to become stronger, faster and harder to kill. When drop the fluff and filler and start to focus on simple and effective programming, your results will skyrocket.

If you want to get a glimpse into what we have to offer, join the EO3 Crew, for free, to see what we're all about.

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Snag our free video training series: "Backyard Basics", get access to our daily workouts, ebooks, and a whole lot more (it's free)

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