7 Perfect Cyber Monday Musts (and Eo3 Giveaway)

Before we jump right into the “7 Must-haves” and the giveaway, a few quick announcements. I have officially updated “My Revolution” which I will now call, my Better Human Quest, check it out here, and there are now rules to the revolution!! Check them out, here.

Ok, now on with cyber monday madness!! When I originally started this post I was going to cook up around 101 things, and actually got to a list of 82…however, I felt like I would have been wasting my time and your time to actually post something that lengthy. So I shortened my list to a few deals we will run at Eo3 for Cyber Monday and some things from Rogue Fitness (and other places) that I think are a little more relevant. Maybe you wouldn’t mind seeing one of these items under the tree this year :).

1.) WOD Log (Special)

Most of you know about The Ultimate WOD Log (click link if you don’t) by now. It is pretty much the most amazing log ever developed for CrossFit/Strength/Conditioning/Diet…the list goes on and on. For Cyber Monday, we will be offering a 40% discount on the already ridiculously under-priced log.

  • You must use this link [here]
  • You must use this discount code: EO37641 

2.) One Month with Eo3 FIT (Special)

It wasn’t too long ago that I announced Eo3 F.I.T (click to read announcement), fully individualized training. Since then we have taken on quite a few athletes, and you can read some of their stories here.

It’s not for anyone and everyone … but it may be perfect for you. Go to EndofThreeFit.com and hover over “Paid Programming” to find out if it is for you.

The  special is…Only $85 for one month of fully individualized training and programming. Just contact me to let me know if you are interested and I will make sure you get the discount.

3.) Wrist Straps

Personally, it is hard for me to do any sort of lifting without some wrist pain…I know, I know I need to see a doc, but until then I have been using wrist straps!! Now, I am not suggesting that you use these to counteract pain, like me, but wrist straps can prevent pain from ever occurring. These are great for added wrist support and gettin’ some serious weight over your head.

  • Check ’em out here
*Spoiler alert* – If you win the giveaway, Eo3 could buy these for you!!

4.) Rogue Rings

I am all for building every single piece of your equipment (you know that) and saving money anywhere and everywhere you can, and that is why I built my own rings. But this Christmas I asked Santa for some Rogue Fitness Rings :) Why? Well, while my DIY rings are holding up perfectly fine, I just want to upgrade to better, longer, straps and a more polished look.

  • Check ’em out here

5.) Evernote Subscription

This one is kind of weird, right? Well it isn’t so weird if you read my post “How to Use Evernote to Dominate Your Fitness“. I am a firm believer in using Evernote to log your workouts. I am still using Evernote and The WOD Log to keep track of my fitness. While this one can be free, if you don’t want to worry about blowing through your upload max, then just buy a subscription.

6.) Rogue Mobility Pack

I absolutely cannot stress enough the importance of mobility!! I wrote about it as “The Ugly Cousin of Fitness“, but really it needs to be in your routine…daily. This pack will help you get it done!

7.) Rogue Bar

Take it from me, if you buy the crappy stuff, a.k.a your generic bar at the local sporting goods store, you will just end up spending more with your replacement costs overtime. The bar is the nucleus to your training, don’t skimp on this, but build everything else :).

  • Check it out here.


Alright, now we are on to the giveaway!! The moment you have all been waiting for!

I am giving away a $20 Rogue Fitness gift certificate!

All those Rogue items above…I wouldn’t leave you hanging. 

Here is how you could get the gift certificate greatness:

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No playing favorites for me! Winner will be chosen at random by random.org based off of my weighted system.

In the comments, tell me your favorite post ever written at End of Three Fitness!!


  • Eric Coulson

    For favorite article, I’d probably go with the one that introduced me to your site, Jerred. The DIY build of the prowler sled that was carried by AoM. Also enjoyed the How-to-Hand care guide. Needed that one.

    • http://endofthreefitness.com/ Jerred

      That was a huge article for Eo3! Glad it brought you here.

  • david sellers

    the article that I found through a search was How to shop for and buy good barbells…. excellent post which not only enabled me to buy some good equipment but also got me interested in the blog

    • http://endofthreefitness.com/ Jerred

      Thanks David!

  • http://www.facebook.com/samgriffin20 Sam Griffin

    I found EO3 for the first time a couple of months ago when I was
    researching power racks to purchase. The first article I came across was
    the DIY article on building a power rack…from there I was hooked. I
    built the rack, the kettlebell, medicine balls, plyo boxes, and am
    tackling the squat/bench rack later this week. I would have to say my
    favorite article was that first one–the DIY power rack.

    • http://endofthreefitness.com/ Jerred

      Thanks Sam! Any ideas you would like to see for a new DIY?

      • Sam Griffin

        It would be pretty cool to figure out a way to make a banger rig like in the games last summer. Also maybe a yoke. I’ve got plenty to work with and still have a list of stuff to get and make, but those are a couple of things that caught my eye on the Rogue site. Thanks for your site…it’s really helped get me motivated. I had been lifting at a local gym for about a year, but had gotten pretty bored doing the same things week after week. I tried out a Crossfit gym for a month and loved it, but didn’t like having to leave my house at 4:15 AM to make it to Lubbock in time for the 5 AM class and get back in time for work, so I decided to build my own garage gym. I probably would have spent thousands if I hadn’t found Eo3. Thanks!

  • Adam

    I am a former high school and college stand out wrestler. after I was finished competing I became a HS wrestling coach in my home state of NH. I was always trying to find the best work out or even program to help me and most importantly my wrestlers. When I found eo3 6 week challenge it put me back in competitive mode and a chance to challenge my student athletes. At this time my wrestlers actually look forward to the last 30 minutes of practice to see what the WOD will be for the day….this is the start to our REVOLUTION and mission to a state title….thank you eo3!

    • http://endofthreefitness.com/ Jerred

      Very cool story Adam! Would love to hear more.

    • http://endofthreefitness.com/ Jerred

      Hey Adam you are the winner of the gift certificate!! Email me at jerred@endofthreefitness.com to claim your prize!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Brent-Goode/672136179 Brent Goode

    Last week, the How to Make Fitness a Golf Ball post. Fitness is already a “golf ball” in mine and my family’s life, but I just saw that post as really capable of hitting home with a lot of readers.

    • http://endofthreefitness.com/ Jerred

      That was my hope! Glad fitness is one of your golf balls.

  • http://www.facebook.com/dakota.healey Dakota Healey

    “What I learned About Fitness From An Elephant” is one of my favorites! But another good one that i followed was “21 Days To Reinvent Your(FIT) self” they both gave me a different outlook on things and helped motivate me!!!

    • http://endofthreefitness.com/ Jerred

      Thanks Dakota! Be the Elephant :)

  • http://www.facebook.com/jason.palmer.1806 Jason Palmer

    I began here as one researching DIY projects for my own home gym. At the same time, I was doubtful that I could ever create a “complete” gym in my home without spending a fortune. Between the tips and ideas here (and a little luck on Craigslist), my gym is now 90% complete and I am enjoying the freedom to do my work on MY time. Thanks EO3!

    • http://endofthreefitness.com/ Jerred

      That’s awesome! Thank you!

  • David

    To be honest, I don’t have a favourite post. They all have a similar message and therefore they have all benefited me.
    My 3 year old daughter is currently undergoing treatment for leukaemia. My wife and I alternate every night with her in the hospital. We are 300km from home. Our lives have been overturned.
    Your blog and emails help maintain some motivation. I have started exercising again by using children’s playgrounds and equipment.
    Thank you for the kick in the bum to get fit agai .

    • http://endofthreefitness.com/ Jerred

      A truly touching story. My thoughts and prayers go out to your daughter and your family.

  • http://endofthreefitness.com/ Jerred

    Winner will be announced in the morning!!

  • Paul

    “The 1920’s Knew Fitness, We just Forgot…” Great post Jerred! Lots of old school thought coming back, and it’s a good thing. Thanks for grabbing up this little gem…

    • http://endofthreefitness.com/ Jerred

      Thanks Paul

  • Mattoomba

    Not commenting for the contest, but just wanted to say that “Golf ball” article was brilliant. And I hate golf. But it was an excellent parable for how to ensure you fit the big, important (dimpled? lol) things into your life.

    • http://endofthreefitness.com/ Jerred

      Lol thanks!

  • David Mobley

    Ordered the “Ultimate Wod Log” yesterday and was blown away by the content and capabilities of the program…can’t wait to start incorporating this into my workouts and nutrition!

    • http://endofthreefitness.com/ Jerred

      Glad you like it David!

  • http://twitter.com/Thor604 Simon Thor Damborg

    I love everything you’re doing here bud. The website looks great the articles are always well put together and informative and not to mention SMART! I’ve been using evernote to log my workouts for a while but taking a photo of your whiteboard/wodbook is brilliant! Love the auto tagging etc.

    There’s no chance I could pick a favorite post I love the whole site! Keep doin what your doin!

    • http://endofthreefitness.com/ Jerred

      Thanks Simon! Evernote is great. I just got the Evernote notebook and it is really cool using the page camera and that notebook to log workouts. Thanks again man!

  • http://endofthreefitness.com/ Jerred

    Winner selected!! It was Adam from below.