What is CrossFit? 10 Signs That You May Just be a CrossFitter


So you are asking yourself…

What is CrossFit !?!?!?!?

What is Crossfit, is a hardquestion to answer. There are a lot of places to find out, like this website. CrossFit is a incredible fitness program that involves high intnesity functional movement. By definition, I have answered your question of What is CrossFit. But for a lot of us it is much more than that. It is something to be passionate about. Something that goes further than a workout and quite frankly it is hard to understand. Perhaps in time you will understand. However, just for fun, if you would like to know if you are actually a CrossFitter or if you are wondering if those around you are CrossFitters, just look at these ten signs.

What is CrossFit to the community??

1.) If your hands frequently look like they are healing from having been placed on a hot stove.

2.) If when you meet a woman named Grace, Helen, or Elizabeth you cringe.

3.) When someone starts a countdown, you start undressing.

4.) If you are a little concerned about the amount of chalk you have actually inhaled.

5.) When you where shorts to work everyone asks…”What happened to you legs!?”…and you try to describe “Diane”.

6.) If you have ever wondered…Am I a masochist??? (definition #2)

7.) If you care more about how far you can handstand walk than how much you can bench press.

8.) If you can use as many acronyms as the military to describe a workout. (CF, CFFB, CFE, CFSB, 1RM, AMRAP, RFT, OHS, G2OH, AFAP)

9.) If you have ever tried, or successfully built your own workout equipment.

10.) You could care less about what others think about your “fitness routine”, you do it for you.

What is CrossFit ? Go make your own definition. Make it something for you. The rest of us already have.